How to Make the Most of a Spring Break “Staycation”

    So it looks like your grandiose spring break plans are slowing transforming into a “staycation.” And you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Not to mention there’s always that one friend who’s sweet and all, but keeps doing this:

    But here’s the not-so-obvious truth: While turning your week (or whatever it is nowadays) of academic freedom into a destination vacation sounds like a fabulous idea, there are always some downsides to consider:

    1. Spending any amount of time in a place that’s not your home costs money, especially if you want little chocolates left on your pillow. And if college, your first car or summer camp is on the horizon, you’re gonna need it (the money, that is…not the chocolates, although those can’t hurt).

    2. Getting from point A to point B and back again is seldom easy. All it takes is one late cab and a surprisingly long airport security line to make you question whether a fresh coconut with a straw was really worth it.

    3. If you’re traveling with a group, you have to make decisions as a group.

    Need we say more?

    So, there really are some disadvantages to being a spring break globetrotter—we aren’t even just trying to making you feel better.

    Now, let’s talk staycation, shall we?

    First, there are some ground rules:

    1. No excessive use of technology (avoid Instagram like the plague if tropical anything is going to feel like a knife to the heart).

    2. Staycation is not to be used solely as extra time for chores or errands.

    3. No bad attitudes. This is time that has officially been set aside for fun. Don’t squander this opportunity by being a Debbie Downer (see below).

    Now, to help you make the very best of your spring staycation, we’ve got some pretty wonderful suggestions for you to try. Get inspired—make them your own!

    1. Create a soundtrack. Include all the songs that make you feel energized and in good spirits, or totally relaxed in a “feet up” kinda way. It’s never too early to start thinking about summertime, so try to channel that carefree vibe.

    2. Make your own souvenir. There are a lot of different ways you can create a cheap but pretty meaningful memento during your staycation. Take a jewelry-making class or a ceramics lesson, or sit down at an easel and let your creativity flow. A new passion is harder to come by than souvenirs anyway. So there.

    3. Try something new each day, like a different ethnic restaurant. Spending some time immersed in a culture outside your own can be refreshing and—lucky you—you get to experience a real variety if you’re game to branch out.

    Oh, German sausages? Don’t mind if we do….

    4. Cook your little heart out! It’s hard to find time during a regular schedule to shop, prepare and whip up the meals you’ve been eager to make. And you know what’s even more fun than cooking for friends? Cooking with them!

    5. Take time to rest. Turn a portion of your staycation into a much-needed sabbatical. That means taking a day of rest. And then another…and another.

    Take long walks. Seek candid conversation with your mentor—embracing complex and perhaps even profound topics wholeheartedly. And then reflect—allow yourself some time for peace and quiet in the morning and/or evening to really contemplate your purpose. If you’re committed, you may just come out of staycation a changed girl.

    6. Read a great book. Ladies, hit the library (or, you know, your Kindle).

    If there was ever a time to read that one book you’ve been planning on starting for TWO YEARS, this is it.

    7. Camp at home. If the weather permits, set up a campsite in your own backyard. It’ll be great…just like any ol’ camping trip with s’mores and sleeping bags…but also a bathroom. And easy access to a Keurig. Preferable? We think so.

    8. Host a potluck! Chances are, you aren’t the only person on staycation, and now’s your chance to dip your super friendly toes into new social circles.

    9. Do something that makes you feel fulfilled. Whether that’s volunteering at a local shelter or working with disadvantaged kids, those memories will last much longer than a tan.

    10. Treat yourself. You’ve been frugal (even if that wasn’t your intention). Reward yourself and splurge responsibly. We know you’ve been all about that one prom dress for weeks now….

    Now, having a staycation doesn’t feel so awful after all, does it?

    We didn’t think so!

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