How To Strengthen Yourself In Seasons Of Pain

    Are you struggling to make it through a difficult season in life? Are you wondering how to keep going and press through the pain?

    There are many Bible verses about faith in hard times and how to strengthen yourself in the Lord, but one, in particular, has stood out to me over the course of my chronic illness journey:

    ‘Yet they don’t ask, ‘Where is God my Creator, the one who gives us songs in the night?’
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭35:10‬ ‭✨

    Guys, God has songs to give us that will STRENGTHEN our faith in seasons of pain.

    Promises to repeat to our hearts when we can barely make it through another day.

    Lately, I’ve had to ask the Lord to give me a specific song and a promise to declare every time chronic pain, humiliation and bitterness try to take hold. I told Him that if He gives me a song, then every time I eat a meal and my body doubles over in pain, I’ll SING IT.

    Because the battle is the Lord’s…but that doesn’t mean we’re called to lay down and die in the struggle.

    The battle is the Lord’s, but that doesn’t mean we’re called to lay down and die in the struggle.

    What This Means for You

    And it’s the same for you, friend. He’s given you the authority to STAND FIRM and DECLARE who He is and who YOU are in Him, while you wait for Him to bring back the victory. Songs to sing when everything inside of you wants to curl up into a ball. When all you really want to do is just hibernate from the world until the storm blows over.

    Songs to pull you up out of the pit and cause you to rise again, no matter how many times it takes.

    ‘For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.’
    Micah 7:8

    FOR THOUGH I FALL I WILL RISE AGAIN. THOUGH I SIT IN DARKNESS THE LORD WILL BE MY LIGHT. MICAH 7 8 - How to Push Through Painful Seasons | Faith in Hard Times

    And a lot of times we don’t even realize how these songs He places on our heart to sing are EXACTLY what our heart needs in each season. Especially if it feels like the exact OPPOSITE of what we’d rather declare out of our mouths at the time…

    So what’s your song in this season? What’s the promise of hope He’s placed in your hands to fight with? Because every time you sing these promises over your life, you terrify the powers of darkness with it.

    And those promises and prophecies from God will become your weapon. 

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    Kristina Cummings
    Kristina Cummings
    Kristina Noelle Cummings is a writer, singer, spinal cord injury survivor, chronic illness warrior, spiritual mentor, and pancake enthusiast. Her ultimate mission is to empower the everyday Christian woman to heal in body, soul, and spirit, tap into her inner resilience and overcome any challenge that comes her way. She provides thousands of women across the globe with the tools they need to grow their faith, step into freedom and take their relationship with God to the next level through her growing online community of faith-filled women of God.

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