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How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Singleton


Ladies, Valentine’s Day can be a pretty depressing time of year for some singles. When friends are getting roses by the dozen, boxes of chocolates and pretty jewelry from their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands, and you’re as single as the day God brought you into this world, it can be depressing. But it really doesn’t have to be. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is not just for couples!

Although the history of Valentine’s Day is shady, the holiday is known for showing love to others. In one story, a priest named St. Valentine married Christians, against the order of the emperor Claudius. And so he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured. In prison, he would send notes of encouragement to other prisoners, telling them God loved them and to stay strong. The story goes that before being killed, he signed his last note “From your Valentine.”

Now, this is a really rough retelling of the story, but it’s enough to determine that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples. It’s a day for showing love to others.

If you’re not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, consider these five tips for surviving the holiday.

  1. Do something special for the ones you love. Whether it’s your parents, siblings or best friends, send a card or bake some heart-shaped cookies to show your love and appreciation for them.
  2. Show your love at a soup kitchen and volunteer your time. When you’re feeling down about your own situation, you usually appreciate it more when you see others suffering a worse burden. Put your situation in perspective by helping those who may feel alone and unloved every day.
  3. Plan and implement a fun Valentine’s Day meal and movie for your family or friends. Bake some heart cookies or brownies, rustle up a spaghetti dinner and pick a romantic comedy to watch. This is a great time to veg with people you love.
  4. Pamper yourself. Whether by yourself or with some friends, have a fun spa day. Get a manicure and pedicure, or a fresh haircut. This will cheer you up and make you feel the special you that you are.
  5. Spend extra time with the One who loves you now and always. God is waiting for your attention, your love and your devotion. Spend extra time with Him in prayer on Valentine’s Day. Share your hopes and dreams about your future husband and know that He’s in the process of writing your own personal love story.

Ladies, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be depressing. Honestly, it’s all in the attitude. Be happy for your friends who are in relationships, not depressed or bitter. Your day will come, and until then, have fun with single friends or your family. Enjoy being single and having the freedom to create any kind of Valentine’s Day that makes you happy!

Ladies, do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

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