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How to Take Your Dorm Room to the Next Level!

You’ve just stepped into your dorm room, the place where you are going to spend that monumental freshman year. And what do you see around you? Boring blah-colored wood bed frames, a typical desk and chair, beige coloring everywhere…not to mention, it’s TINY! The idea of living in this room starts to overwhelm you. How in the world are you going to create a space that is comforting, cute and relaxing in this environment?!

Have no fear—this is where I come into play! Cammie and I have both been in this exact moment! And back in our college days, I don’t even think Pinterest was around to help inspire us and keep us sane, haha! I’ve done some research and pinning on your behalf to give you some helpful tips to make your freshman dorm room the cutest one in your hall. And hey, even if you aren’t moving into a dorm room this school year, these are cute and fun ideas for any type of room! Let’s get started!



1. String up twinkle lights


I’m in LOVE with this look! It’s an easy and affordable way to cover up a wall and make it come to life. It would also be cute to make this a fake headboard for your bed. Either way, it’s an adorable and fun way to brighten up your room!

Sprinkle Lights

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2. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

 Pictures are the perfect way to dress up a room AND help you feel at home when those homesick moments start to kick in. When I was a freshman, I used this same idea in my dorm room (without Pinterest’s help, thank you very much). All you need is string/lace, cute clothespins and pictures, and you’re good to go! A handful of companies now allow you to print pictures directly from your Instagram account if you want the cute square look above!

Pictures in Dorm



3. Organization is everything

One problem you might come up against in your dorm room is lack of space. This is where organizational skills come in handy! The look above is the perfect way to create more space in your room so you don’t feel so crammed all the time. Plus, it creates a cute little nook area to do your work, which is always fun! However, if you walk around in your sleep, this raised-up bunk might not be the best for you!

Organized Dorm

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4. No words for how cute this is!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one—I just love it so much! First of all, it incorporates a lot of what we looked at earlier, and I love the fun additions with the map and the hanging triangle banner. These add pops of colors to brighten up your room! For those of us who have trouble with color coordination or making a room come together, choose more basic/neutral colors for your bedding and then add a few pops of colors in your wall décor to add an element of fun!

Cute Dorm

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25 Well-Designed Dorm Rooms to Inspire You

These are just a few ideas to help you get started as you plan out your dorm room décor. If any of you have some cute ideas that you’ve discovered, please let us all in on your design secrets below! And remember, ladies, you don’t need to feel alone in this process—just make Pinterest your best friend and it’ll all come together perfectly!


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Image: Pinterest


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