How to Use Your Gifts and Talents to Glorify God

    Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. (Proverbs 3:9)


    Last year, a friend contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in volunteering at a fundraising event. I immediately thought, “I really don’t feel like stacking chairs or handing out pamphlets to people.” I got more information from her to see exactly what this would entail. To my surprise, the fundraiser was a fashion show and they needed models to volunteer their time for the event. I was so used to seeing my ministry and work in the fashion industry as two different things, but having this “Aha” moment has reshaped my thinking when it comes to glorifying God with the gifts and talents He gave me. 

    When we think of serving the Lord, what usually comes to mind is volunteering at church or a soup kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with that, but honestly, the entire world is our mission field and what we do to serve our community doesn’t need to be confined in any way. Part of honoring the Lord with the best part of everything we produce is looking for ways to bless people with things that we’re already passionate about because those talents are God-given anyway. If you keep your mind focused each day on how you can be His hands and feet, He’ll show you exactly how to serve Him and bring glory to His name in the most simple tasks.

    I’ve outlined several interests below and will explain how they can be used in ways you may never have thought of.


    • Do you love to cook? It’s only in recent years that I’ve been fond of the kitchen, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it brings me great joy to bring people together to share a meal or even give a friend some baked goods to enjoy. I’m not saying you have to make a restaurant out of your kitchen, but pray and ask God who you can bless with your cooking. Is a friend sick? Is there a party coming up that could use some additional dishes? Do you have a mama friend who has a newborn? These are just a few of the scenarios that could use your delicious dishes.
    • Do you love hosting? I laugh when I think about how particular I was about my room, my stuff and my home when I was a teenager. I didn’t want anyone touching anything or coming over for extended periods of time. I’ve gotten better, but I know for sure that hosting is not my passion in life. Maybe you’re the opposite and you’ll find any excuse to have a gathering. Think about events coming up or Bible studies that can be done in your living room. Do you have an epic backyard that would be great for an intimate wedding? Perhaps game nights are more your speed. Either way, community is one of the most important things we’re called to have and hosting is such a wonderful way to help cultivate that.
    • Do you love the visual arts? I’m a photographer and my husband is an illustrator. When a holiday comes up, we’re always thinking of ways to make a personalized gift. There have been several occasions where my husband has created a portrait to commemorate someone’s special day, or I’ve gifted a photography package to a friend. You may paint, sew, make ceramics, etc. How could you incorporate that into giving God your first fruits in that area?
    • Do you love to drive? If I have a choice between driving or being the passenger, I’m usually the one to call “shotgun.” However, some of you may be thinking of errands to run simply to get behind the wheel for the third time today. Are there any coworkers you have who could benefit from carpooling? You can offer to pick them up with no strings attached because it would be helpful to them and create an opportunity to bond before and after work. You may know someone who can’t drive, so simple tasks like going to the grocery store are difficult to do. Ask them if they need anything and make an extra stop on the way home once in a while. They’re sure to appreciate you going out of your way.
    • Do you love performing? There are so many opportunities to sing, dance, act or even play an instrument in and out of church. It really puts a smile on people’s faces to have live entertainment, and that entertainment could be you. You could join a community theatre or create a singing group that donates some of their time to fundraising events or hospitals. You could also mentor another performer who’s just getting their feet wet in the same industry as you.
    • Do you love working with kids? I heard a story once of a babysitter who didn’t charge for her service. If you have kids or have been around them for long, you’re probably thinking “Why would anyone do that?! That’s a lot of work!” Part of her reason was to help families who couldn’t otherwise afford it, but needed someone once a week to watch their children while they were at work. Or a single parent who hardly has a moment to step away for a small break. Additionally, if you have children, you can offer to watch a friend’s child and make a playdate out of it while your friend runs a few errands.
    • Do you love numbers? I personally know people who can’t wait to get into the office and crunch numbers all day for their employer. If that’s you, you may have a knack for financial planning, accounting, taxes, etc. Each year, consider donating your time to a few people and offer to do services you’d usually charge for at a much lower rate or even for free. Getting on the right track financially can seem like an impossible task when you don’t know where to begin. You could potentially save someone a lot of stress by doing what you love to do.


    Do any of these scenarios sound exciting? I hope to get your servant’s heart activated and help you to put your mindset into being a blessing without adding too many things to your already full to-do list.

    Are there any other ways you can think of to use your gifts and talents to glorify God? We’d love to know!

    Kytia Lamour
    Kytia is a writer, actress, and photographer living in sunny southern California. Reaching out to young women and sharing her story is what keeps her heart beating for God. She's in love with all forms of beauty and is always looking forward to whatever new adventure awaits.

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