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    How to Witness to Friends at School!

    Anonymous writes…

    Hello, I’m 16 and I come from a Christian home and I have recently started to take my faith seriously. I’m looking for some advice on witnessing to friends in school. I have a friend who isn’t from a Christian home and her family is broken. She dated a Christian boy from my school for a while but he broke it off because she wasn’t a Christian. This has effectively given her a bad view on Christianity and while speaking to her today she said that she understands I’m a Christian but it’s just not for her and she would feel like she wasn’t herself.

    I thought to myself, how can it not be for her when Jesus gave His life for everyone surely? I really love this friend and I would love for her to understand what it really means to be a Christian but I’m having trouble communicating it to her and I think she needs to experience it for herself which is the hard part.

    What can I say and do to help? Some friends and I invited her to a Christian festival last summer where she claimed she got saved and felt something but I think it was in the moment because she has changed her mind. Now she won’t even come to any Christian related meetings with us.

    Thank you


    Thank you so much for writing in with your question. This can be a very tricky area because as Christians, we are filled with the precious hope of Christ and want to witness to the world out of gratitude for what He has done in our own lives. Christ also commanded us to share His good news (Matthew 28:19-20), and as His servants, we must obey.

    However, we must take care when sharing the good news of Jesus Christ that we do so in a way that will not push people away from Christ. We must always remember to speak the wonderful news of Christ to others out of a heart of love and compassion, and not out of judgement and condemnation. We were all without Christ at some point in our lives, and are saved by God’s wonderful grace alone (Ephesians 2:8) and not anything we have done.

    I think the most important thing we can do as Christians is to pray for our friends who are without Christ. Many times we want to take control and to see results quickly. However, God is in control of all things, and we must faithfully pray for our friends and surrender control of the situation to God. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up.

    Next, I encourage you to be extra careful in how you live in front of your unsaved friend. If she sees you do things that are ‘different’ from the other people around you because of your convictions, this will show her that Christ has made a difference in your life. On the other hand, if you live the same way as your unsaved friends doing things that are contrary to God’s Word, she will be offended and resist Christianity.

    This does not mean that the responsibility of whether or not she gets saved rests on you, sweet friend! I don’t want to put that pressure on you at all. It is our job to be a witness to our friends, but only God through His Holy Spirit can draw sinners to repentance (John 6:65).

    I hope that these words will help you and encourage you. Please feel free to write us back at any time and let us know how things are going. I will be praying for you and for your friend.

    Written by Heart of Worship for

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