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“I Can Only Imagine” Actress Madeline Carroll’s Radio Interview


Recently, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing actress Madeline Carroll, who is in the new film I Can Only Imagine about the MercyMe song and message behind Bart Millard’s testimony. (Millard is the lead singer of the band MercyMe and also wrote the #1 hit Christian song.) The film has been extremely successful, especially considering it’s only been in select theaters and the movie’s budget was about $7 million. The film has already pulled in more than $55 million at the box office, according to sources.



Check out the film if you haven’t already seen it, because it’s so moving and inspiring. The acting is fantastic, especially Dennis Quaid playing the dad who Bart Millard tries to forgive for mistreating him his whole life. The song ends up being birthed from the experience, but you have to watch the film to know what I’m talking about. The movie is about redemption and forgiveness, and Carroll plays a key role as Shannon, Bart’s girlfriend in the story. Bart is the songwriter and key protagonist in the storyline of the movie.

Click here to get tickets to watch the film.

Here is the KKLA radio broadcast with actress Madeline Carroll from I Can Only Imagine:



Click here to watch The 700 Club’s special interview with Madeline.


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PI Girls, do you know this worship song and have you seen the film yet? Comment below!

Image: Courtesy of Christi Given


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