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If He Doesn’t Care About Jesus, He Can Never Truly Care About You

Does it really matter if the guy you date is a Christian? Can’t someone be a “good person” without sharing your beliefs?

This topic gets emotional fast. The idea that God could call us to live contrary to our feelings is hard to swallow, and even harder to implement. Yet this is the truth! God has consistently instructed His children to unite themselves only with those who share their faith in Him. This is not because He’s a cosmic fun-killer. It’s because of His love.

God knows that if a guy doesn’t care about Jesus, he can never truly care about you.


God’s Love Defines All Others

Everyone talks about love. Entertainers sing about it. Greeting cards are printed for it. We even say we “love” pizza and movies in the same breath we say how much we love our mom. Love has many different meanings in today’s world.

But to God, love has one meaning and one definition. God Himself is the very epitome of love (1 John 1), and love, according to God, is always based on commitment and sacrifice.

A man who does not know Jesus can’t love you with the love of God. He doesn’t have that ability. The best he can do is mimic godly love. He can do good works. He can feel emotions. But his love does not have the eternal quality and accountability defined by God.

It might feel good to date a guy who doesn’t love Jesus, but in doing so, you’re cheating yourself of the love God intends for you. Don’t settle.


Being Equally Yoked Is a Command

When people say “Only date Christians,” they’re not giving you the whole story. God’s not telling us to look for people who call themselves Christians; He wants us to surround ourselves with people who share a passion for following Him. This goes for your groups of friends, but it also goes for the people you date. Being equally yoked is not a suggestion; it’s a command!

All through the Bible—in the Old Testament and the New—we see what happened when people rejected God’s advice. A perfect example of this is Samson, who was dedicated to God at birth, but who persistently “dated” and married women who didn’t love God. This was his downfall.

Yet when we align ourselves with God’s will and unite ourselves with people who share a love for God, we find peace, harmony and the settled sense of security knowing we’ll see our partner in eternity. That alone is precious.


You Are Not His Savior

Many girls date non-Christian men—or men who call themselves Christian but don’t follow Christ—because they think they can “save” them. This is a dangerous game to play. In truth, an unbelieving partner will drag you down more than you will pull him up. It would be better if you remained friends from afar and let God do the work in his heart. You cannot save anyone by dating them—only the Holy Spirit can do that.

Obedience is hard. But when you trust that God’s plan truly is the best, blessing is not far away. You can be just as much a witness by turning down dates as you think you could by dating someone. When asked why you won’t go out with a guy, you can explain that Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in your life—and you’re looking for someone who appreciates Him as much as you do. That’s a conversation starter!

Jesus cared so much for you that He died to gain your relationship with Him. Don’t set Him on the back burner to a guy who doesn’t know what love means. Put God first, trust His wisdom and walk confidently forward in light of His love.

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