“If I Could Talk to ONE Person from the Bible, It Would Be…”

    The heroic and tragic stories in the Bible have taught us many lessons, but they’ve also left us with a few questions. So we thought it would be interesting to ask our Facebook family: “If you could have a conversation with ONE person from the Bible, who would it be and why?” 

    Here are 15 of our favorite responses:


    1. “I can’t pick one…lol! I would want to talk to almost all of them!” —Jennifer A.

    2. “Ruth, I would ask her to help me pray for my Boaz.” —Reflections of His Love

    3. “I’d say Job! It would be nice to know how he got through all those trials without sacrificing his faith in God.” —Monique A.

    4. “Eve, so I could smack some sense into her.” —Sarah O.

    5. “Esther. She is cool, brave and a Queen! I want to know the rest of her story—kids? Solo ruling? Her thoughts. Maybe she had a diary?” —Evelyn W.

    6. “Jesus! Because He is the creator of the universe!!” —Em O.

    7. “David. I would want to learn about worship and brokenness and finding hope in sorrow.” —Adria J.

    8. “The woman who touched Jesus’s robe in the crowd.” —Brittany W.

    9. “Mary Magdalene!!! Oh, what an example of faith and dependency on Jesus she is!!!” —Alyssa G.

    10. “I’m going to be the weird one and say Judas Iscariot.” —Casey C.

    11. “Noah because I’m interested to know how technologies and living conditions were before the flood. Or maybe Jael Heber’s wife so I could high-five her.”

    12. “Boaz or David because I would love to meet the Godly men they were!!!” —Lessly C.

    13. “I would want to talk to Jeremiah. He did not give up on preaching about Jesus even when nobody seemed to listen or care. Just to know how I can still have strength to get through hard times from his perspective would be awesome.” —Kimberly D.

    14. “I would talk to Jesus because I would ask how my older sister is in Heaven, and to give her a big hug for me.” —JadynRose S.

    15. “Jesus, because uhh, duh? What girl wouldn’t wanna know when she’s getting married? Lol.” —Ashlie R.


    Your turn! Who would you pick and why?

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    1. To agree, I would want to talk to Ester.
      She was raised Jewish, to be conservative, modest, save her self till marriage, blah blah blah, but she had to change everything she knew to win the king. She went through all these beauty regiments for six months till she had a one night stand with the king to try and get him to marry her! If someone did that new they would be so harshly criticized. I can’t imagine that then! I want to know more about Ester!

    2. Cool fact: Esther actually had some sort of diary. Christian author Ginger Garrett divulges this as one of her main sources for her book on Esther’s story, “Chosen” (I believe it says at the end that the actual documents are in a museum or something like that?). Pretty cool 🙂

    3. This one probably isnt real common, but I would definitely say Miriam!! 😀 She isn’t the lead character in her story, which is my story in a nutshell since my drama teacher has not favored me at all! Haha! I love how she led a song of the Women of Israel in Exodus 15 and 16 and how Stephen Spielberg portrayed her in The Prince of Egypt…. (love that movie!). She is seriously an underrated heroine of the Old Testament, though (cooler than any Disney princess in my opinion!)

    4. May be a uncommon one here but Gomer cause everyone thought of her as a nobody, but Hosea still loved her. Well the book of Hosea is a analgy from a real story! I think that’s cool! Gomer was Iserael who chased after worldly things. Hosea was like God! He had unconditional love for Gomer! I’d ask her how it made her feel to know that she was still loved even though everyone else saw her as a nobody. I kinda feel like a Gomer sometimes and to be honest we all have those moments I think!

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