If the Shoes Don’t Fit, Would You Cut off Your Toes?

    Girls, how important is fashion to you? Would you have surgery to fit into a pair of shoes? Would you cut off your toe so you could wear a pair of cute, fashionable pumps without your feet hurting?!

    Check out the following clip!

    Shouldn’t shoes be made to fit the foot comfortably–and if certain shoes don’t fit us, shouldn’t we stick to the ones that do? Isn’t this just another example of how people are trying to redesign themselves to fit into the world?

    God designed the body and man created fashion. To alter what God created in order to fit into what man designed seems to be the same as following the world and not God.

    I beseech you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God ( Romans 12:1-2).

    There are people who have had amputations because of war, accidents and illnesses, but here, women are willing to cut off toes just so they can fit into a cute pair of shoes. Isn’t this a little extreme?

    Girls, how do you feel about disfiguring the body to be more fashionable?

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    1. I definitely don’t judge the women who do it because I love high heels. I can’t imagine not being able to wear them because of my shoe size or width. Although I’m pretty sure they make heels for all sizes… I think it’s drastic, a waste of money, and a bit ridiculous, but it seems like these women just want to wear heels, so no judgement here 🙂

    2. if you could see God face to face right now, would you tell him that you sacrificed a gift he gave you for a pair of temporary shoes? i think that answers the question i know this might sound silly but it’s true. toes are a gift to you from God. they help you run,dance, twirl, and nails that you can paint to make yourself look more neat and colorful.i don’t think God wants you to do that for something that is temporary and fleeting. but then again toes are temporary and fleeting. “wwjd” “what would Jesus do?” or what would Jesus tell you to do?

    3. I would NEVER alter my foot or any part of my body to be able to fit in one piece of clothing or shoe. I think that it is the fashion designer’s job to make sure that it fits right on more than one type of person. I don’t judge them I just think that this is really really unneeded. If they don’t fit, don’t buy them.

    4. I certainly will not be judging these women, but I also won’t be doing it myself. It seems very drastic to me. Not to mention expensive! Think of all of the things we could have done with that money that would have helped to further God’s kingdom? He has called us to give when we can, that people will be blessed through us. There are much better ways of spending your money than to alter yourself like that.

    5. Guys don’t even care what shoes girls wear. They don’t even pay attention to what ear rings or bracelets or whatever. Stuff like this is what us girls like. We wear these things to feel good about ourselves. Why should it be a big deal?

    6. I mean, some women LOVE heels, and if it gets the point where their feet hurt really really bad wearing them, I suppose they see doing this as a great option, and i suppose it is if they love wearing those types of shoes! Personally, I wouldn’t do that and I’m 5’8″ so I don’t need heels anyway :).

    7. I just watched the whole thing, thinking; unless you’re really deformed from something, and you want to wear high heels that badly, is it really that bad to get inserts, order online, or get custom made shoes? I mean surely, it would be less costly.

    8. It reminds me allot of the original story of Cinderella, when one of the step-sisters cut off her toes and STILL couldn’t fit into the glass slipper. Doesn’t seem worth it in any case. I like my toes just the way they are XD

    9. Im pretty sure god didn’t make a mistake in designing us, especially our feet. Change your heart not your feet. Wearing a pair of shoes should be the last thing we are concerned about as Christians on this earth.

    10. Say WHAT?!?! Fix the shoe to fit your foot – don’t break your foot to fit the shoe! I don’t judge these people, but I don’t know why they think they have to do this to themselves. Beauty isn’t even beauty when things get as ugly as losing part of your body.

      • Actually, your pinky toe is one of the most important things you need to correctly balance. If you were to not have a pinky toe you might be able to correctly walk, but you would have a very hard time to balance on one foot.

        • It’s a vestigial structure. The human body has no need of it. We actually do not use them when we walk. Like with wisdom teeth, we’d probably be better off removing them anyway because they’re too easily injured or lost due to accident or disease. My mother gets along just fine with the bone removed in hers.

    11. That’s actually in one of the original Cinderella stories. One of her step-sisters cuts off her big toe for it to fit into the glass slipper. I think it’s just as ridiculous now as I did when I first read it. What if the shoes get ruined? You’d be stuck without toes and without shoes as well.

    12. Well, I can’t exactly fight for heels considering I’ve never had the balance to wear them if they are above an inch. But I do think that surgery for shoes is INSANE. It’s proven that heels hurt your feet in the end, and I know people who had to have surgery because of how broken their heel tendon got wearing heels. :/ I try to only wear shoes that are useful and comfortable, sadly I’ve got awful feet and wearing any shoe for too long hurts no matter what, shoes are just annoying, go barefoot when you can 🙂 that’s my strategy.

    13. I love my heels. They make me feel more confident and give me a larger presence. Especially for DECA events. Just plain nude or black. But I also dance and wear pointe shoes. You never see dancers cutting off their toes to fit into a pair of pointe shoes better. If you can’t fit into them, don’t get them. I have trouble finding shoes that fit, but if they do, then I shell out a little more so I’m comfortable. Plus my toes are really funky, so it’s hard to find shoes that fit properly, no matter WHAT shoe.

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