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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. ok i need some serious help! i feel so distant from God i have sinned like crazy today, plus i have become prideful and self righteous, and i keep on haveing performance anxiety! and here’s the worst part i keep on not wanting to spend time with God! i am so confused! please help me!

      • unicorns4567

        As we reach adolecents our priorities even if we don’t want to star to change and some times we don’t keep up with God as our main duty and priority and is why that as time past we not forget about him but just put him aside. With that comes forgeting what our values and what is really important in our lifes and later we feel board when trying to have time for him and try to get distracted and feel emotions by following the world. Try to tell God to forgive you and to tell you what he want to work about the parts of your personallyty that are separating the both of you and God, only if you are capable of giving that 110% for feeling that first love in your heart as when you first accepted Jesus in Your Heart.

      • i think first thing you need to remember is that your sins are already forgiven…. past present and future…. does that make it ok? no but it does mean that God isnt mad at you… if you are feeling guilty its cuz the Holy Spirit is showing you where you are wrong in order to teach and help you grow.. so acknowledge it and move on

        as for the pride, that is something you have to give to God, just tell him what your feeling and ask him to help you not feel that way, something that always helps me feel humble is Job chapters 38-40

      • It’s so good that you’re sorry!! If you are Catholic, you need go to confession if they were mortal sins! If you aren’t Catholic, I would consider it and ask God if He might want you to be. You might possibly need more closure. You might need to hear “I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.Then you will know all your sins are forgiven and you can be totally at peace. Now I know that some Christians don’t believe that Confession is necessary, but i strongly suggest you seriously consider my advice; believe me, I was in so much sin awhile ago and going to Confession and hearing those words helped me realize “Okay. God knows how hard it was for me to come and tell Him through another person that I am sorry. He appreciates my humility, and He knows how sorry I am, and He wants me to move on, and offer sacrifices to Him to heal His Sacred Heart from all the sins and offenses against Him every day that no one is sorry for”. Also know that God loves you so much, no matter what. The only way to want to spend time with God is to do it. Go to adoration or spend time alone in prayer. Just keep working you are doing good girl! Spend more time in prayer and make more sacrifices. Offer up all your sufferings to Him, and SHOW Him how sorry you are and how much you love Him, by spending time with Him to tell Him every day that you love Him, that you want to live and die in His grace. Kneel before him and empty your heart! He is the only One to whom you can tell all your sorrows and worries and everything that’s bothering you! He loves you so much! Look out the window. All beauty and light and all that is glorious was made for YOU! Specifically for YOU! He knew every moment of your life, every thought in your heart, infinite years BEFORE you were even formed in the womb!
        Beg His forgiveness, and again, consider Catholicism, because it really does make you feel closer to God 🙂
        This Love is the most pure, the most true, the most beautiful in the world! He is a just God, but He knows your heart, and He knows you are sorry. Not only must you be sorry, but you must try as hard as you can to never sin again, and to make reparation to His Heart, and I know you will do this because of the fact you came on this website and asked for help! Try saying this prayer every night before bed, and every time you feel scared :

        Jesus, I trust in you. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love you with all my heart, soul, and mind. I beg of you to protect me from evil, guard me from sin, and lead my heart to You. Please show me the way to Heaven, and give me the courage to follow it, no matter who should try to prevent me. Jesus, my Savior, my Light, my whole being, I adore Thee, and ask Thy mercy for me and all others. Amen

        See if this prayer helps. Try it for a month 🙂 Let me know if this helps sorry it was so long :DDD Love you girl 🙂

        • thank you so much horseluver2498! this has realy helped, alot! but i just don’t understand what the catholics are saying, there was a catholic church that i went one time but it was hard to understand what they were saying or what they were doing. i think that they were speaking half english and half something else, don’t get me wrong i don’t see any thing wrong with catholic people, i just have some pretty embarressing sins to confess that i kindof want to keep between me and God. thanks. love you bunches! <3

        • I don’t really understand what you said about offering sacrifices. How can you offer sacrifices if there’s no temple?!?! God said that only the Levites were allowed to conduct the burnt offerings, and since people don’t really know if they’re a Levite(besides the fact that there is NO TEMPLE), people can’t offer sacrifices to God anymore. And besides, Jesus was the Last Sacrifice. All of our sins were paid for in Him, so sin offerings are no longer necessary… Thanks in advance for explaining!

    2. Been through alot of change in the past 2 yrs alot of change..i still cant believe i made it this far and i thank God for bringing me this far….i know i still have a lot to learn and a long way to go that’s y i know the best place to be is by God,s side

      • Sorry tiffany2013 HurricaneMurphGirl asked me question and it won’t let me reply to her so I have to repley to your comment to answer her question 😀
        HurricaneMurphGirl : Sorry 🙂 I should have explained 🙂 These sacrifices aren’t biblical offerings, we don’t do burnt offerings.They’re not bloody sacrifices like in the bible. They’re offerings of prayers, works, sufferings. Basically, it’s like taking something good that you do or evil you have to endure, and saying “Jesus, I want this to benefit this person”, or “Jesus, I am going to do this good thing for someone, because I love You and I want to show it”. We believe that you can use your sufferings to do good to others. So you can take something bad that happens, and turn it into something good, by offering it to God for an intention you might have. So I guess a word you could use for it could be like taking a suffering, tragedy or injury, and turning it into a prayer for someone else, or an expression of love for God :)You’re so welcome 🙂 I love this site cuz it seems like ALL Christians; Non-denominital Christians, Protestants,and Catholics and whoever else can all get along and discuss our faiths together<3 u! Hope this helps 🙂 <3

        And unicorns4567 Awww I love you so much too 😀 And I totally get where you're coming from 🙂 (PS they were probly speaking half Latin)

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