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I’m Loving This: Christian Hip-Hop Artist Exoduz

Rapper Exoduz, from the award-winning Christian hip-hop group Soul Hustle, recently has been working on a solo project–the mixtape “FailProof.  Exoduz is not only an awesome artist, but also he loves the Lord and has a passion to spread the good news through his music and make a difference in the music industry!

I was really moved by his recent tribute for the Sandy Hook victims. Exoduz did a great job honoring the families and covering the tragedy in a unique way with his musical gifts.

Watch the tribute, called “27 Hearts.” It was directed and edited by Young Markk, another Soul Hustle member who has been seen on JCTV and traveled to many churches performing.

Some of my favorite songs from “FailProof” were “Go Hard (featuring Young Markk),” “They Know Us,” “All Falls Down” and “Awakened Love.”

Check out “Go Hard (featuring Young Markk)”:

Don’t forget to look for Exoduz on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Girls, had you heard of Exoduz before? What did you think of his songs? 


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  1. EmilyRW

    Posted by EmilyRW on March 7, 2013 at 05:34

    I love the 27 Hearts! It is still….heart-breaking….but we pray that they are safe in heaven.