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I’m Loving This: Christian Singer Chris McLeod’s New Song, “Life Is Happening Now”

Girlies, are you familiar with Christian artist Chris McLeod? Not only is he a talented singer, performer and musician, but McLeod also has co-written songs with producers like Josh Silverberg, who has collaborated with artists such as TobyMac, the Newsboys, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, Group 1 Crew and more!

His music has been on MTV several times and he opened for Building 429 and Casting Crowns at the Kingdom Bound Music Festival in 2012. McLeod is on Transform Music Group’s Label and I wanted to share his talent and positive music with you, Project Inspired readers!

McLeod’s song “Life Is Happening Now” hit radio airwaves last month. The song is inspired by his 1-year-old daughter. When asked about the song and his inspiration, McLeod said it came from when his little girl was

just learning how to stand up and by the kitchen window, had amazing expressions…and I thought to myself, what does the world look like from her perspective?

McLeod’s wish for his daughter and others is to explore the world, live life to the fullest and live in our God-given potential. The song comes from the idea that every day, even the little things add up to the big things. What we do every day is our life experience, hence, “life is happening now.” McLeod wants to show that “life is in the decisions we make today.”

Watch the video for “Life Is Happening Now”:

I also love McLeod’s song “Remind Me,” which is about God’s love. God is for us, with us and He is on our side! We constantly need God, His grace, mercy and presence! I listen to this song in my car all the time:

“Whisper” reminds me of Owl City and Death Cab for Cutie! I love McLeod’s voice and the message of the song:

Beginning this month, McLeod will be doing a radio tour with Mark Harris (from 4Him, the Grammy-nominated Christian music group) and 33Miles. Find out more from his website, Facebook and Twitter.

PI readers, which Chris McLeod song is YOUR personal favorite?

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  1. unicorns4567

    Posted by unicorns4567 on March 2, 2013 at 10:32

    wow i love his music! thanks for shareing! messages from songs really help me because anything is beautiful if you can see JESUS in it