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Inspirational Thought of the Day: You are BeYOUtiful


You want to know a secret? You are beautiful. Yes, you! Beautiful, stunning, imperfectly perfect, you. You are a work of art; one that God took his precious time designing. When it came to you, He was thoughtful and methodical. Every single detail about you, from the curve of your eyes to the length of your hair, was hand-crafted by a God who loves you. So who are you to question the beauty of his work?

For more inspiration, take a listen to these five songs that will remind you just how beautiful God made you: 5 More Songs to Remind You That God Made You Beautiful


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  1. Thubabe

    Posted by Thubabe on March 2, 2015 at 08:25

    wow this is super cool….nice songs……God made us the way we are