Inspired Poll: Do You Believe in God?

    Do you believe in God?

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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. I said “yes,” because I do. 🙂 I’ve definitely been familiar with the “Sometimes – I don’t know” state of mind in the past (like a few years ago). Of course, for me when I feel doubtful and sometimes have a little shadow of worry saying “What if He’s not?” I ask myself first “Do you think He’s real?” and maybe I’d still feel a little doubt, then I’d ask myself “Okay, do you think He’s not real?” “Of course not!” (as in “Of course I don’t think He’s not real.”)

      That fixed it up a bit. 😛

    2. i said sometimes because sometimes i feel like God isnt there.. i pray to him and never hear a response. And then he puts me in the worst situations and i can never see his reason and i most of the time i feel like he isnt with me..if he was why would he put me in those situations? Most of the time if i feel like he is with me i feel like he is looking down on me because of my actions.

      • No he’s not! Pray for forgiveness for your sins, and trust me when you lean on Him for understanding and wisdom on what to do: He WILL get you through those tough situations! He’s creating your character right now!

      • you know i’ve been in bad and good situation’s and thats where God puts me,when he puts you in bad situations God wants you to learn something or something and he’ll get you out of that situation, trust God that he’ll get you out of the situation. And when you you feel like God left you remember that he made you a promise that he’ll never leave you! Jeuse loves you and thats why he died for you…. i forgot a big peice of what i was going to say but have faith that God’s with you always cause he is 😀 and faith in God. Trust in him.

      • God sent his only son to die on the cross for us so that are sins can be forgiven. He loves us all soo much, he us jelous for you he wants you to be with him an not be tempted to do bad things. God is always ther for us he makes a way for us it might not be what you expected but if you trust him and love him he will guide you. Don’t ever think he doesn’t love you because he never stops he doesn’t love bad things we do but he will always love you

    3. At the last church camp i went to the preacher was going on and on about how to know there really is a god. what it all came down to was if the big bang really did happen, what caused that bang? then what atom reacted to it? what was the smallest thing that started it? There is no explanation besides GOD! 😀 I never heard someone get saved like that before by hearing it this way, but it made so much since. 16+ people got saved from this message of creation. God is just so cool like that 🙂

    4. I said I believe. One year we were camping and I was riding on the tailgate of my cousins truck. His SLOW speed is about 85 mph. The speed limit was 20. We went up a hill and I fell off.Cars were coming from both sides. They stopped right before hitting me. For the first time ever my cousin was doing the speed limit. I walked away. God has strange was of saying “I’m here.” But boy do they work.

    5. ive had my struggles with faith, friends, and family, and sometimes i feel like God is far away, and he doesnt care sometimes. but then when i think about how blessed i am, with a house, good friends and family i can rely on, i remember he does love me, and hes always by my side! (:

    6. I said Yes because I love god. I love knowing he’s always there and always loves you. Even when things go bad its nice to know he still listening. He loves you if you love him believe in him have faith. There are always 2nd chances. Hallelujah.

    7. I’m really proud of the people who sad “no” or “sometimes” because while I really want them to see God for who He is and accept Him, I am inspired by their honesty to put themselves out there. 🙂

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