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    Inspired Quiz: Should You Be Watching That TV Show? Take This Test

    There are SO many shows that are available on TV, how do you know which ones are okay to watch?

    Find out if you’re using the right methods to decide whether a TV show is okay to watch (or not!!) by taking the following “yes”/”no” quiz.

    Inspired Quiz: Should You Be Watching That TV Show?

    Is that show you’re watching (answer yes or no)…

    1. Is it a Christian show that Glorifies God?

    2. Does the show avoid dishonoring God?

    3. Does the show truly and honestly meet your best judgment?

    4. If the show breaks any or all of the 10 Commandments, does it do so with the intention to teach?

    5. If the television show has sex, violence and/or bad language, is it shown appropriately and with the intention to teach?

    6. Is the show rated for your age group?

    7. Did you read positive reviews of the show from your peers before watching it?

    Ahhh! Don’t peek until you complete the quiz! Results are below!


    Okay! So count up all your “yes” responses and refer to the following results. Remember — this is just a fun quiz, not a scientific study. The goal of this quiz is to guide you in selecting appropriate television shows!

    7 out of 7 “yes” answers means…

    If you answered all seven questions with a “yes,” you’re a super star! You’re doing a great job in choosing television shows. You’re being smart and realistic about your choices, ensuring that they’re appropriate for you and honoring God.

    4-6 out of 7 “yes” answers means…

    If you answered “yes” to four to six questions, you’re a smart watcher! You’re using good judgment in selecting your shows, but you’re taking some risks.

    3 or less out of 7 “yes” answers means…

    If you answered “yes” to three or less questions, you need to reevaluate your choice of television shows. It just may be the case that you’re not being cautious enough.

    I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.” – Psalm 101 verse 3


    1. Even if you answered, “no”, don’t be too hard on yourself. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many shows that glorify God, so unless you’re happy to shut off the television for good, it’s okay to give TV shows a chance.

    2. In the event that the show doesn’t specifically glorify God, ensure that it at least makes an effort not to dishonor Him.

    3. At the end of the day, you need to use your best judgment based on your faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. At the same time, you need to be honest. Instead of watching a show like Jersey Shore and saying, “Well, this teaches me how not to act,” you should ask yourself whether the show gives positive examples of how you should act. We all know that Jersey Shore does NOT do that! Best bet – avoid Jersey Shore!

    4. Some good programs show characters breaking commandments, but only for the sake of teaching rather than glamorizing the behavior. Again, be honest about the message behind the show.

    5. There are shows that include sex, violence and bad language to make a point — you need to be responsible when selecting which shows do this appropriately. Ask yourself how much is necessary to create a valuable teaching moment and what qualifies as too much, inappropriate and/or extreme content.

    6. Ratings aren’t always the best way to determine whether a show is okay for you, as an individual, to watch. Ratings are established by government entities that don’t take your faith into consideration. They do, however, give you an idea of whether a show is age-appropriate. So with this in mind, you can use this rating system to some extent and then add your personal judgment.

    7. The internet is a great resource for learning about shows. Find out what other Christian teens are saying about the show you’re interested in watching. With some research, you can find shows to watch that are appropriate. While it may seem like a smart idea to watch something to determine whether it’s okay to watch, that strategy may backfire, especially if the show is extremely inappropriate. Of course you could change the channel, but some images may be so bad they may become ingrained in your mind. I feel especially strongly about this when it comes to horror movies. Research shows first!

    What shows are you currently watching?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


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