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Interview with Lincoln Brewster!



[Image: itbn.org]

PI Girls, recently blogger and PI contributor Christi Given interviewed worship leader and Christian artist Lincoln Brewster (“Made New”).

JUCE TV Network just launched their upgraded set with a beautiful stage, higher-definition cameras, quality lighting and a new setup. To watch Trinity Broadcasting Network’s clip of the “Praise the Lord” special with some of the interviews, scroll down below and click on the link to watch the full episode.

Listen to Lincoln Brewster’s song “Made New” from his new album, Oxygen. Click here to view it in iTunes.

Here is the clip of the “Hot Off the Press” episode with Christi Given and singer/host Levi Mitchell.

Click here to watch the full “Hot Off the Press” episode.


Who is Lincoln Brewster?

Lincoln was raised in Alaska in a home that was not perfect, yet it led him to Christ later in his life. He fell in love with music because his mother was a singer herself and played with bands when he was growing up. Lincoln learned guitar and felt his music was an escape from his stepdad, who had violent behavior stemming from alcohol. Later, God opened doors for him to work with people like Steve Perry from Journey, and he went from secular to Christian music. Now, Lincoln has wife and family, and works for his local church. He is passionate about Jesus, worship, being a good father and family man, and leading others to Christ through the power of music. Some songs you may recognize are his new song “Made New,” “God You Reign” and “Everlasting God.”

For more about Lincoln, his music, and ministry, visit his official website!

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PI Girls, do YOU listen to Lincoln Brewster’s music? What is your favorite worship song that he sings? Comment below!

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  1. martial_artist_for_Jesus

    Posted by martial_artist_for_Jesus on April 19, 2015 at 13:15

    Coolness, and “Made New” is currently one of my fav songs!!! 😀