Modesty Is Not What You Wear…

    Girls, a reader of Project Inpired (who happens to be a father and grandfather of girls) emailed me a wonderful letter about modesty. I just had to share some of his thoughts on the subject with you! XOXO, Nicole

    Since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and their women, we have seen the powerful appetite that women have to be noticed and observed. This often is because of something–a technique or a substance or striking items of adornment–that is used to stimulate the minds of those who look at them, males and females.

    Very often, even “church” girls and women toss out the door the attitudes of inner beauty, a humble and meek character and discerning modesty, replacing them with the internal blind pride that seeks eyes which covet the flesh and the goddess that stands like a drive-by billboard.

    Jesus explained that Satan has blinded the eyes of those that proclaim to be wise. God has opened the eyes to those that will come to Him as a simple child and allow Him to clean out our minds of this world’s polluted practices and give us all a humble and contrite heart.

    Modesty is not what you wear or how you wear it!

    Modesty is the condition of the heart and mind!

    Modesty is saying, “Jesus, please come in my closet and show me what to wear!”

    Jesus,when I walk with you or for you, I want to be sure people are looking at my inner adornment, the light of humility and meekness glowing and radiating so you will be glorified.

    Written by PI reader Tony


    1. Love this! It’s refreshing to hear, I’m guilty of dressing to impress others. I love fashion, but it should be used in the right way. A humble and modest heart is a beautiful one!

    2. YES YES YES! I love this, I feel like people put to much stress on what girls have to wear to be modest when infact a lot of “modest” clothing could be considered a stumbling point for a male if the girl has the wrong attitude. People worry too much about the exact width of a strap or length of a skirt when they could just take a moment and talk to God: ask him, “Should I wear this?, is it cute or is it saying something else?” Modest Attitude helps to make men think of your as beautiful rather than lust-worthy. I feel there is no real set rule to dressing modestly besides “Would God be ok with me wearing this?” Also a good way to double-check is to ask an older brother or a Dad, (like the grandfather who wrote in) because they wouldn’t want you wearing anything immodest and they can give you a “guys perspective” LOVE THIS AND GOD BLESS!

      • I mostly agree with you. You see, my family standard is that nothing is too tight, and that bottoms need to be around knee length. If something doesn’t fit our standard, I change. If Mom and I aren’t sure if it’s modest, then we ask Dad. It’s such a blessing to have parents who care about yourm modesty! My older brother also lets me know if something is immodest. I’m not saying that you have to be knee length, but it’s a good standard. 🙂

    3. Wow! That was awesome 🙂 Thanks Tony! It makes me very sad when i see a beautiful woman, but she is immodest in her dress, actions, and whats in her heart. I wish all girls everywhere would understand this!!

    4. This is great. 🙂 Modesty is more than looking it, it’s being it. Being a modest person is so much more attractive than someone who’s not. Some girls need to take heed and understand that. Thanks for sharing this!! 🙂

    5. I never thought of it that way 🙂 It’s wonderful to think of people really noticing my inner beauty and not just my body. I know I’ve been told to be modest, but I never really noticed it or anything. Jesus will defiantly help me pick out my outfits 🙂

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