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Is Taylor Swift a Good Girl Gone Bad?


Taylor Swift has been known for her clean-cut reputation and catchy and fun lyrics, and has successfully merged from the top country charts to pop. The Taylor transformation has been evolving over the last few years. Her first release was in 2005, at the age of 16, with her self-titled album. She progressed with her hits in 2008 with some songs you may recognize, like “You Belong With Me” and “Fearless.” These songs were still country, but slowing merging into the mainstream media of the pop music charts.



The next big album for Taylor was Speak Now in 2010, one of my favorite albums. She had a lot of songs on this album, such as “Sparks Fly,” “Back to December” and “Mean.” This record was still considered “country pop,” produced by Nathan Chapman and under Big Machine Records, which originally signed her and launched her career.

Taylor’s Red album really put her on the map globally in 2012, and essentially she was a household name by then. Her songs that were popular from that album were “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “22.” This album got her the number-one spot on the Billboard charts and she won two Grammys for the record.



In 2014, she released 1989, named for the year Swift was born, and it was a chart topper. This record was her emergence as a pop star. We no longer recognized the twang, banjos or any country feel, for that matter, but the record was fresh and upbeat. It was a new electronic pop sound from Taylor that was unique. This launch was officially pop and soared to the top in CD sales and digital sales. Swift is the only artist to have sold 1 million singles in the first week for three albums.

Her next anticipated album is more edgy, at least from what we can see promo-wise, and I definitely think her last video, “Bad Blood,” was more good-girl-gone-bad. Now we can listen to Taylor and see her alongside artists like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, as she isn’t the innocent country star she was when she started. She is becoming the artist that people want her to be and/or possibly what she wants to be. What do you think?


[Image: E Online]


Taylor’s album Reputation is set to be out by November 10 of this year. She recently released her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” on August 24. This song is definitely darker and speaks of death, and is about the image of Swift and apparently how she isn’t the same—that “the former Taylor” is no longer alive. Do you think it’s figurative or that she’s playing with fire in Hollywood?

The lyric video for “Look What You Made Me Do” has a lot of Halloween-like images, and serpents and a graveyard, and even talks about Taylor dying. To me it seems super satanic and reminds me of how the serpent deceived Eve and she blamed the snake, hence the title of blaming: “Look What You Made Me Do.” We know that we all have free will, but the language and imagery just seem too familiar.

What is your take on the lyric video?

To watch the “Look What You Made Me Do” official music video, click here.

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Do you think Taylor Swift is being pressured by the Hollywood industry to keep pushing the envelope? Let us keep her in prayer, PI Girls!


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