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I’ve Been Accepted to My College of Choice…Now What?

If you are in the process of receiving college admissions letters or already have, congratulations! You are in a celebratory place where you can now enjoy your accomplishments! In the midst of this season, however, you may have some questions about what’s next.

If you got into multiple schools of your choice, your major decision is now which school you officially want to attend. You may want to speak with your parents about what their thoughts are on this subject, especially if they are helping pay for your tuition. Narrow down your top three favorite schools to your number one choice and commit.

Your next step after deciding on your college of choice is to start to plan ahead for your transition to that school. If your college of choice is local or nearby, the planning may not be as hard as, let’s say, an out-of-state university. If you are commuting or living at home while you attend, you will have less to prepare for than someone who is moving to a dormitory or an apartment off campus.

If you are moving, you will want to start seeking out good residences near your school. Typically those who choose to live off campus want more freedom or may feel they are too old for the dorms, or it’s simply their preference. Decide if you will live on or off campus and make arrangements to visit these places.

Once you’ve officially accepted your admissions offer, you’ll want to schedule a meeting and tour with the school and campus counselor. The campus tour is necessary to get a feel for what you should expect and so you’re not scrambling at the last minute for your classes or walking long distances on campus with no direction.

Finally, make sure your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and any other grant or scholarship information is properly filled out and submitted. Find out from your school what you need to do to prepare further to make it the smoothest transition for you.

For those who are in this process, the PI community wants to congratulate you and wants you to realize what an exciting time of year it is for you!


What to Do After You Receive Your College Acceptance Letters

1. Choose your top three schools, unless you only applied to your favorite school.

2. Discuss your college choice with your parents, and commit to a school.

3. Celebrate and plan ahead!

4. Decide if you will be on or off campus for your living situation.

5. Tour the college campus.

6. Fill out financial aid information.

7. Pray.

8. Meet with a college counselor.

9. If choosing a dorm, find out who your possible roommate will be.

10. If you are commuting, decide to carpool with a peer or plan to get involved on campus, and prepare before class starts!


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PI Girls, do you have any advice on transitioning into college and how to properly prepare? 

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