Answering this was really hard, because I just haven’t really liked myself recently. I was looking at some pictures I had so I could send one in, but the ones I thought I looked good in all had me wearing makeup. If it wasn’t makeup, it was from last year or so, and I desired a picture from the past couple of months. haha. When I make profile pictures, I heavily edit them so I look different. I can honestly admit that I have ME issues. haha. But I can say that I like my eye color, because sometimes they look different colors, such as green and grey (even though I have blue eyes!). I also like my hair color, even though when I was in 6th grade I tried to lighten it because all of the blonde-haired girls were popular in my church. I only recently decided that I liked my curly hair. I had it straightened, and eventually, I thought I looked terrible! Natural is simply better. (:

    God made me the way I am and one day I’ll be able to accept myself!

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