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Me Without Makeup


Hello, my name is Jemima. I’ve been feeling ugly sometimes one day I feel pretty, next day I feel ugly. One thing I don’t like about myself is my gap, I try to stop smiling or laugh in pictures because of my gap. I try sometimes to embrace it, because God made me like that but it’s hard. One thing I love about myself is my hair and eyes, I think that girl’s should take a day without wearing makeup to see how beautiful God really made them, but I don’t wear makeup because I feel like makeup isn’t really for me and I go all Natural with myself. One thing I do is compare myself to people in school, but I think if girl’s are really having problem with loving themselves, they really should go to God.

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Image: Courtesy of Jemima


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  1. Posted by on November 25, 2011 at 18:50

    I totally relate! I had a REALLY big gap when I was younger, and used to feel really self conscious! Like 5 years ago I chipped my tooth and when they reparied it, they removed the gap. At first I was really excited but then I realized that it didn’t really matter what my smile looked like, as long as I was smiling 🙂 Now I kind of miss it- it kind of reflected my personality 🙂 Smile proudly!!! (and p.s. you are sooooooo adorable :))

  2. Posted by on November 19, 2011 at 20:22

    Hey Jemima! I read your story and I can totally relate. I used to have a gap like that but a little wider. It really bugged me at first and I tried to stop smiling but me being me can’t go 10 minutes without smiling. I realized that I was God’s creation and that I was beautiful to him and that’s all that mattered. Sometimes people pointed it out but I stopped caring. I’ve noticed how people judge by someone’s teeth and think that they don’t take care of their teeth. I’ve never been able to do that, it’s not their fault they have a missing tooth or not straight teeth. I got braces and I have super straight teeth now but I never judge someone from their teeth and actually smile if someone has a gap because I can relate to them and I’m happy to share my story to them and let them know just how beautiful they are. 🙂