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Me Without Makeup


My foster mother always told me that makeup was fake. I did not think she was right until I learned how to use it. My sister taught me all I needed to know about makeup but when I found out my eyes did not like eyeliner, really I saw no point. Over my teen years I kept trying to learn how to use makeup, but with my allergic reactions to the ink, it made no difference. The ink did not make me any beatiful than I was without it. Instead over the years I just kept makeup in a box to make it look like I use it. After a while I felt my mother was right. However I am not so sure that God created masks or makeup…I’m pretty sure people did. Therefore I would not change myself for others without God’s consent. For he says I am beatiful just the way he created me.

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Image: Courtesy of Jen


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  1. HappinessBreaksBones

    Posted by HappinessBreaksBones on November 7, 2012 at 02:24

    Very very true, I really like what you said. God would never create things for us to mask our beauty.. Only Satan would create such a thing that would consume our minds into thinking we need to look a certain way.. when in the end our inner beauty becomes masked along with our outer beauty.
    Besides, you are beautiful 🙂 you don’t need makeup at all, all makeup would do is take away from your beauty.