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Me Without Makeup


What I like about myself includes many things! I am lucky for my deep set eyes, nice lips, long eyelashes and never plucked eyebrows hahah! God made me this way and there’s nothing more you can do but just embrace it! I don’t feel awkward without makeup on and almost even feel proud. EVERY girl should feel comfortable in their own skin. In school there is definitely pressure to wear makeup because thats how you get more friends and boys, which isn’t true at all. Media is such an influence in todays world and it just makes me so angry that theirs such a pressure to look perfect. I used to and still get asked why I don’t choose to wear makeup, I just tell them that I don’t need it!

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Image: Courtesy of Jennifer


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  1. dianochka

    Posted by dianochka on February 17, 2012 at 19:42