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July Book Club: “The Princess Within for Teens”

Hello, beautiful Book Club girls,

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer, enjoying some downtime and vacation. But I also hope you will take the opportunity to join me this month as we dive in to a great book called The Princess Within for Teens: Discovering Your Royal Inheritance by Serita Ann Jakes. Maybe you have never heard of Serita, but you may have heard of her husband. His name is T.D. Jakes, and he is the pastor of a megachurch in Texas and is a best-selling author, speaker and television personality.

Serita wrote this book in order to bring you the same things she learned as a young girl (often the hard way)–and the things she taught her daughters about their value and their beauty to God. You have probably heard that you are a princess–and you are. If you are a Christ-follower, then you are a daughter of the King of Kings.

In The Princess Within, Serita talks frankly about guys, purity, bullying, eating disorders, girls troubles, friendships and all the issues that we girls deal with. She offers fun quizzes that give us insight into our personality and emotions, and she gives real-life examples of girls who have struggled with different things and the solutions they found when they began to see themselves as God sees them.

The Princess Within is really encouraging, and it would also be a great book to read with a group of your friends or to give to a friend who might not know how important she is and how much Jesus loves her. I truly hope you will take the time this month to read The Princess Within with me. We’ll talk about it on ProjectInspired.com and in one of my live chats. So grab a copy at your local Christian bookstore or order it here and join us. I can’t wait for you to be reminded how precious you are to Christ–and to me!

Blessings, my beautiful girls,


Image: Project Inspired | Baker Publishing Group


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by 2sistahswraps on July 2, 2014 at 11:39

    Hi I’m 36 and have 2 teenage daughters one 17 and the other 13. I joined the site and would love to be apart of the book club for this book by Serita Jakes. I’m looking to connect with my daughters and maybe even pickup some things for my self along the way. 🙂