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Justin Bieber Led Worship at a Coachella Event and It Was Pretty Awesome

Among all the Coachella hype this past weekend, Justin Bieber made an appearance and surprise performance at a Churchome event during the festival. While Bieber wasn’t on the official lineup of performances, Churchome’s impromptu event took place on the side with a stage set up. It was here that the pop star led a crowd into an acoustic set of worship songs such as “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury and more worship favorites.

Check it out for yourself below, and join us in continuing to pray for those in the entertainment industry who are using their platform the share the faith!


Image: Instagram @cherielamer_mari


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  1. Smylinggirl

    Posted by Smylinggirl on April 25, 2018 at 06:48

    It’s so cool to see the transformation that seems to be happening in Bieber’s life. I’m so happy for him. God is so good!!!

    • Project Inspired

      Posted by Stephany10 on May 25, 2018 at 12:23

      I am so happy too, for his transformation!! I pray for him everyday. I think a lot more Beliebers should start praying for him, he has such a good heart