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Me Without Makeup


Here’s me with 0% makeup 🙂 The only type of makeup that I’d normally wear is eyeshadow/eyeliner just because I like to play with colors <3 The whole foundation thing is a no no for me because it makes me sweaty…ewe!! Haha, anyways, what do I like about me? I like that God made me uniquely me and that I have yet to find someone else who is exactly like me. I like that I can adjust to new and even difficult situations without changing myself, what I believe and who I stand for. I also like that the fact that I have the ability to encourage and make major investments in others even when I may not feel super great about myself. However, each and everyday I am liking, no, loving myself more and more as I try to focus on what God created me to be rather than me comparing myself to other people.

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Image: Courtesy of Kayla


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