Top 10 Best Pieces of Advice About Relationships

    Whether you’re heartbroken, feeling insecure about a crush or just feeling lonely in your quest to be pure, it’s important to receive sound advice to help you get through the rough spots and gain perspective on your situation. Here’s a list of the top 10 best pieces of advice about relationships that your fellow Project Inspired readers have received from their loved ones. Now they’re sharing them with you. 🙂 Be well, girls!

    1. “A boy who loves God more than he could ever love you is worth your time.♥”
    –Amber Jeffers

    2. “Figure out what you’re looking for in a guy before you start looking for a guy.”
    —Janene Inman

    3. “‘Seek the Lord. Travel. Read the Bible. Write down your dreams. Volunteer. Take up a new sport. Make your single life a glorious adventure and guard your heart beautiful for it is the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23). Then when you are secure in your true identity as a daughter of God and content, the one chosen for you just might come along. But don’t let that be your life’s hope and until then stop searching and start living – just you, Jesus, your family and your dancing queen girlfriends’–Allie Marie Smith.”
    —Jessinia Ruff

    4. “When my boyfriend broke up with me over Facebook, I was devastated. I thought no one wanted me. My mom then told me that Jesus wants to have me to Himself as long as possible and when He is ready to give me the man I will marry, He will. When a guy moves out, he is making space for the right one to move in. :)”
    —Olivia Leaven

    5. “In a relationship between two people, they should both love each other. It’s like our relationship with God. He loves us, but are we going to respond to that love? I believe it’s the question He’s waiting for us to answer.”
    —Jennica Mendoza

    6. “The best advice was from my guy best friend’s girlfriend: ‘Be a Godly woman and he will show you respect! Be of the world and he will take you for granted!’ It has been proven, at least with the guys around where I live!”
    —Andria Anna Deloris Law

    7. “’A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her’ –Max.”
    —Katie-Starr Harrell

    ‎8. “A boy should never define who you are.”
    —Zoe Peck

    9. “Never settle for anything less than your standards.”
    —Brandy Fair

    10. “Beautiful inside, beautiful outside! Keep it that way! My dad said that. :)”
    —Joanne Lambo

    Girls, what’s the best piece of relationship advice you’ve ever received?

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    1. Um, I never had a boyfriend , but it seems exciting . I would suggest reading Proverbs 31 and maybe Song of Solomon . It gave enough space to stop and think before getting a boyfriend . I am seventeen , and waiting for the one to pick me .

    2. i’ve been afraid that the person i am is no match for a guy, how i look inside and outside. i’m not saying that i’m homo, i’m totally straight and being homo is wrong. thats for sure. but its so hard for me to make a list sometimes for finding out what kind of a guy i want and fits me. i live in a neighborhood that is so nonchristianly, and i go to a public school, thats has few christians. i feel like i have to give up things, i mean like i get hormonal about guys, and i’m afraid of bounderies. i’ve made a list before but didnt finish it, because i wasnt so sure what i wanted, and wasnt so sure if there is a guy like that out there. my list is rare, and i feel like there isnt a guy out there like that, that is really cute like hot, and has a great nice loving personality, and affectionate, and is tall, and is everything i want, sometimes i’m not even sure what i want. its sad. i’m just glad theres a website like this to help me out, because believe me i need help. oh and i lmost for got, i want a guy that wont make me feel stupid or gross, because i’m in special ed, and i’m sensitive in that area. and a guy that doesnt make things seem awkward, if that makes much sence?

      • it makes total sense. and I know its hard to find good, God-fearing guys. but they are out there! and they aren’t were you would think. your list really isn’t asking that much. and about knowing what you want, just pray before you start your list, and when you are writing it, don’t be stingy! let every quality be written down in detail. that is what I did and now have found someone who fits every item on my list! but you do have to look and pray to find who God wants for you. I found mine sixteen and a half hours away! so don’t stop looking, and NEVER settle for less 🙂

    3. i’ve had a boyfriend before, and my 1st one to. when i was a freshmen in highschool, the 2nd semester, and it lasted a month, i’ve made soooo many mistakes in that relationship, it makes me feel stupid, for 1 thing he wasnt christian, and he even lied about it when we were together, i totally thot he was the one for me, cuz i was surprised anyone would like me and find me attractive, as u can see i’ve been having some low self-esteem and low confidence in myself, that its embarrassing…i’ve been so impatient and not having faith in myself on there being the perfect guy for me. im like 5’6 5’7…i feel super tall compared to people and i want to be shorter, and a lot of cute guys out there are short, and the tall ones i dont really find them attractive most of the time, and if they are they’re either taken by a really goodlooking girl that dresses really well. or there not what i look for a in a guy, and its frustrating. When i like a guy i get so nervous that i like kind of avoid him and get so shy, and afraid to mess up and scare him off. i even have a phone phobia thing going on, and i feel trapped in myself. do i sound crazy? i probably do, i want to feel equal to most girls that are pretty and have good looks, but then shine and glow of being a lil different and stand out a lil, and get the attention like “woa that girl 🙂 shes amazing and so pretty” i want that feeling. im obviously a lil lost, and idk if ik myself, i’m just not sure of anything really.

      • and also not just the way i look, but dancing to. and guys wanting to be around me and dance and make me feel like im on top of the world, and i’m tired of feeling bad for some people that are lowest of the lows, and i feel bad for saying that, and i dont want to match them cuz i feel bad for them. its also really hard for me to put how i feel inside myself out in words that’ll make sence and people wont be like “what” cuz that makes me feel stupid. i’m just afraid of being different sometimes cuz of peoples thots and what they think.

        • oh hey btw everyone, i’ve got a blog. check it out and read it, its a book i’m writing about on myself its like a diary, and its also apart of my sr project

      • wow, well, same here i guess… but im short like 5’1 1/2.. it is pretty frustrating tho. im just prayin and waitin. i know that God has an amazing husband for u and he has one for me and eryone here 🙂

    4. Well, I heard “Life is like a bycicle. You need balance. Keep going or you’ll fall down.” I thought that was cool; then I added in my head that the man I’ll marry won’t slow me down by trying to get himself on (the bike); he’ll push me harder and I’ll lend him a hand to help him on!

    5. Number 8: preach it! It really irks me when my family goes on and on like “Oh when you find a man….” as if it takes a guy for me to be happy!! >:[] It also bugs me when I’m called cute or beautiful or somewhere along that line. Because I know I’m not and I don’t want to be. I’d rather be appreciated for my intelligence, because my intelligence will stay with me longer than any supposed beauty. Anyways, seriously, only your relationship with God should define you not a boy who you won’t be with for the next 50yrs!! 🙂

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