Kylie Bisutti Launches a Clothing Line to Help Spread God’s Word!

    Ladies, in a past post, “Model Chooses Faith Over Victoria’s Secret,” I introduced you to former Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti, who gave up her lingerie modeling career for her Christian faith. Back in May, we read her book, “I’m No Angel,” for the PI Book Club. And now, Bisutti has co-launched a  Christian clothing line, God Inspired Fashion!

    God Inspired Fashion features Bible verses on all of its pieces, and Bisutti’s intention for the line is to spread God’s Word.

    God Inspired Fashion is all about spreading God’s word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God’s love. And that’s really what the world needs right now. (Kylie Bisutti/

    Not only does Bisutti hope to share the Word with society, but also within the public school system, where God has been forced out.

    Here is a sneak peek at some of her designs.

    The pure at heart Girl's Denim Capris
    “The Pure At Heart” girl’s denim capris

    Grace to all- Flowy Tank Top
    “Grace to All” flowy tank top

    Strength and dignity- Peek a Boo Tank Top with Lace Overlays
    “Strength and Dignity”peek-a-boo tank top with lace overlays (Back)

    Strength and dignity- Peek a Boo Tank Top with Lace Overlays2
    “Strength and Dignity”peek-a-boo tank top with lace overlays (front)

    A gentle answer- Girl's Christian Denim Shorts
    “A Gentle Answer” girl’s Christian denim shorts

    The word of God endures forever - Fitted Denim Shirt
    “The Word of God Endures Forever” fitted denim shirt

    Check out the full line here! Plus, enter the code “projectinspired” for 10% off your entire purchase through August 26, 2013!

    Ladies, what do you think about Bisutti’s Christian clothing line? Do you think that these clothes are an effective way to share God’s Word? Would you wear them? 

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    T.M. Gaouette
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    1. I think that’s a very admirable idea, and it’s great that she wants to spread the gospel through clothes! I don’t think I’ll buy any of her clothes though. Although they’re not terribly over-priced, I don’t want to spend quite that much money on clothing. (I don’t buy clothes from places like Hollister for the same reason, so this probably isn’t an issue for some people.)
      Overall, though, I think her clothing line was a great idea!

    2. While I think that’s an admirable idea, I feel it’s a little tacky to put a bible verse and a huge logo on every piece of clothing. Especially to make it so large. Couldn’t she make modest, fashionable pieces with maybe a small logo? I’m not saying she can’t put bible verses on any of the clothes- that’s awesome! But I don’t think I’d be willing to walk around with a huge bible verse on me every day. It just looks tacky!

    3. I kind of feel like walking around with Bible verses on your clothes (other than like mission trip t’s) is a bit self-righteous. Speak with your actions, not your Bible verse logos.

      • Incredibly modest? What, as in an Amish dress and cap? Look, I don’t particularly care for the clothes, but there’s nothing immodest about a blue jacket or a pair of shorts. So maybe chill out.

        • The website has skinny jeans, and I assume that’s what she’s talking about. They looked a tad tight to me. (I’m a little stricter than some, but I don’t dress like an Amish person. I just prefer to wear skinny jeans that are a little looser.) Just to add my two cents. 🙂

        • I was not referring to the clothes pictured here, but to the items on the website. Some of the skinny jeans are incredibly tight on the models that they are shown on. There are also quite a few tank tops on the site and I generally find most tank tops to be immodest. I suppose their clothes could be worn modestly but the models on the site do not do so.

    4. I think the tackiness is a bit of a problem. Bible verses are great, but to have them on every piece and have them printed so large… I don’t know how many people would actually buy this stuff. A Christian clothing line is a great idea though, it just needs to be executed in a more buyer-friendly and fashionable way.

    5. Maybe in LA people will pay 70+ dollars for jeans but ware im from and my point of view you would have to be either crazy or rich to buy that expensive of jeans. I think the stuff is cute but wayyyyy to . Also they don’t have as bug of a size selection as I would like to see on a site. I clicked on a pair of jeans and the highest they go is a 13. When actually is juniors size not adults because juniors go by odd numbers and adults go by even numbers. And I agree with a lot of these girls some of the cloths don’t match up to PI’s expectations of “Modesty”.. so for that I don’t understand why you are supporting it and even making the projectinspired a code for 10% off. I don’t find the cloths un-modest but they do not match up to what PI has set as “Modesty”. I don’t mean to sound rude but its kind of seems hypocritical of you to support these cloths when some of them go against your modesty rules.

    6. While Bisutti’s intent is noble, I feel like she should have just designed it as a regular clothing line and then found subtle ways to incorporate scripture. Anybody can buy an iron-on Bible verse and slap it on a piece of clothing–voila, instant Christian t-shirt. Some of the pieces are nice, but the Bible verses just take away from the appearance of the clothes. I was also a little surprised by the amount of racer back tank tops. I’m not against racer backs, per se, but it would have been nice to see a closed-back option as well (especially if you’re like me and you break out on your shoulders a lot!). A lot of the pieces look like something I could probably find in Target, Mandee, or JCPenney (and with a cheaper price tag, too).

      Not impressed.

    7. I think it’s a good idea that was poorly executed. I think that the Christian clothing lines, NOTW (Not Of This World) and We are On3 do a better job of making sure that their clothing articles are both fashionable and share the gospel.

    8. I wouldn’t wear clothing from this line; I’m thrifty (my papa earns a lot of money, but we still like living modestly) and I don’t think spending so much money on clothes is absolutely necessary. I also think the verses on the pants looked a bit tacky, especially the ones with writing on the thighs. I don’t want someone to stare at my thighs trying to read my pants; I’m going to get the wrong idea o_o

    9. Hmm… Always remember, if you can’t bear the cross on your back, don’t wear it on your chest. I think it’s alright to wear stuff like this, but be careful that you are sending the right message in the way you act too!

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