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    Congratulations–you’ve found our fourth and final surprise giveaway of the Christmas season! This giveaway only lasts for one day, and one lucky winner will receive an online shopping spree at Forever 21, plus a one-on-one video style consultation with Nicole before you go shopping. Hurry and enter to win now!


    In the comments below, share your favorite holiday style tip! At midnight, this giveaway will end and Nicole will pick her favorite response as the lucky winner!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your fab fashion ideas. Good luck, girls!

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    1. My favorite holiday style tip would be to dress modest and winter is a perfect season for layering!! If you dress modest, you will stand out and God will be so proud of you! And remember Christmas is not about us is about God, the one who loves us unconditionally. So I think a way to make his birthday awesome, could be by glorifying him by dressing modestly!

    2. Modest is the most important thing when it comes to choosing an outfit. Choose something that will make you look beautiful yet dissent. You can choose Christmas colors like red or white. You can even add your own style by adding accessories. But something simple as a dress could make you look beautiful. Play around with your outfits and show the real you show the person that you are in God.

    3. Nail Polish To Match The Snow:

      1) Paint your nails with regular white nail polish, preferably a little sparkly.
      2) Let the white polish dry
      3) Paint some very translucent blue (preferably sparkly as well) on as a top coat. Let dry.

      Now you have some nails that are white/silver, and a little sparkly. They match the snow real well. And yes, this is something I came up with, I didn’t find it somewhere else.

    4. My Favorite Holiday style tip is all about layers! I like to pair a pretty blouse with a cute knit sweater and a long skirt. I also love adding printed scarves with that have Christmas colors and wearing wearing ballet flats! Christmas time is my favorite time for dressing because you can layer a lot, and you can look super cute while still being modest! That way people don’t forget that you want to celebrate God, after all! I hope you have a lovely holiday Nicole :D! xxx

      • Oh, also wear a solid colored dress with a black scarf with a swirl ppattern and glittered accents!! When I’m going to a casual holiday dinner I wear my favorite blue and white snowflake sweater, with a knee length black skirt, thick tights, and Ugg boots. When I go to a more formal restaurant I wear a dress with tights and Ugg boots 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Happy holidays to everyone!!!! xox

    5. My favorite holiday style tip would probably be layering! Layering is a great way to dress up a simple outfit. And it can also make a regular outfit look Christmasy. Great example: If you are wearing a white or black shirt, dress it up with a red or green scarf! Or if you are wearing a simple longsleeve shirt, dress it up with a nice vest!

    6. I really love wearing leggings in the winter! They’re really comfortable and warm and make short shirts modest! I also really love layering shirts too! I can’t stand being cold, so I always wear lots of layers!
      I LOVE flannel shirts with an undershirt or t-shirt underneath! They’re really cozy and perfect for winter!
      My favorite Christmas dress is a green dress I got from Target. I like to wear black leggings with it and it’s just the perfect dress for Christmas time!
      I don’t worry too much about style during the Christmas season though! As long as I’m warm I don’t care too much what I look like. It’s not about the clothes or the style, it’s about remembering the greatest gift mankind was ever given. I still marvel every year at the fact that Jesus was humble enough to come live with us! It’s really amazing!
      Thanks so much for having this contest Nicole! I’m so glad I ran across it!
      Kalissa – MusicianForChrist

    7. Combat boots are definitely in this winter season. They can work with so many outfits: tucked under boyfriend jeans, over leggings, and maybe under a maxi skirt with a neutral long sleeved shirt. They also come in many different colors and designs so they are very versatile!

    8. AHHHH this one is so exciting!

      My holiday fashion tip is to be FESTIVE! The holidays are my favorite time of year, and that’s when I break out the sparkles! You can pull off metallics, shimmer, and sparkle best when everyone’s feeling the holiday spirit! I wear my favorite pretty dresses, sparkly accessories, and dressiest heels during this time of year. Holidays are fun and exciting! I love to reflect that. Last year at Christmas I wore this beautiful light pink all sequin skirt (it was long enough!) and a pretty black blouse. I dressed it up with some silver accessories and did big curls in my hair!
      Anyways, I think we should be festive and fun during the holiday season 🙂 the more sparkles the better!

    9. I think my holiday style tip would be, don’t be afraid to stand out! Wear that sparkly reindeer sweater you love so much! Add a cute pair of skinnies or a midi skirt (which is super stylish and modest). Go for the “jingle factor” with accesories and wear a bracelet with tiny jingle bells, or find some jingle bell earrings. Don’t forget your cozy sweater tights and boots, or ankle booties. Also, embrace the chunky knit infinty scarf craze! But really the best thing to do is dress comfortably, and stylishly, all while being true to yourself. Know that God loves you for you, and remember that glorifying Him should always come first, especially in your fashionista life!

    10. Layer up and mix it up! The winter weather can be a bit dark (besides all those Christmas lights!) so choose bright and colorful colors. The holidays are also the best time to get a bit creative and bold. If you’ve never tried red lipstick before, the winter time is the best time. It’s bright, elegant, and great for formal occasions. Just make sure you’re of a modest age 🙂

      I also love layering with skirts, leggings, and scarves. The great thing about the holiday weather is that you can peel off layers or add them back on. Also, boots — oh boots, how I love thee! 🙂 Look for sales after the season to stock up on different styles of boots.

    11. The tip I always live by in the winter time is layers! Because I live in Texas, it can be really cold in the morning, and 70 at noon, so it’s important to have a modifiable outfit. When it’s really cold, again, layers help for so many reasons. Layers are cute, they add comfort even if nobody can see them (leggings under jeans, etc.), and they really help with modesty by keeping everything where they’re supposed to be, making your shirt a little longer so you can bend down without worrying about undergarments showing, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever gone out without a camisole under my shirt – they are lifesavers and give me more flexibility to bend over and still keep things modest 🙂

      My other winter love is scarves – they are super warm and can sometimes even take the place of a jacket depending on the weather. They are really cute and add a festive “winter time” look in an instant! They also sometimes help when wearing a more low cut shirt by allowing more freedom in bending over and stuff because it keeps the neckline from dipping down.

    12. My Holiday style tip would be…. be yourself! Wear something that shows off you personality, but is cute for the Christmas season. Layering is super cute as well you could do so many different outfits with layering, paring it with some skinny jeans (not to tight) and boots and you have a really cute outfit!
      I really like fashion scarves so this year I’ll wear a scarf I got from a friend, (as a secret Santa gift) skinny jeans, and boots. I’m also getting my hair cut before Christmas just to have something different!

    13. My favorite holiday style tip is to paint your nails red and add a topcoat of silver glitter to one nail on each hand. Also, I love wearing leggings with a sweater dress and boots. You’ll be warm and stylish at the same time! 🙂

    14. Style. . oh so many options! I love dressing up, as long as it is appropriate. 🙂 One of my favorite Christmas outfits is a glittery, red long sleeve, cozy shirt with a black, ankle length skirt. People won’t look at you funny at Christmas when you dress up, so go for it!

    15. I LOVE Christmas clothing!! My favorite has to be black leggings with a long (mid to lower thigh length) sweater. Also, you can do like a tank-top with a camisole if you are more hotblooded. I wear ankle height boots. Accessories are awesome, a longer necklace with sparkles and bracelets, I love wearing long earings with this! I keep my hair down because it is cold in Iowa and hair keeps the ears warm! 😛 Merry Christmas!!!

    16. Ummm. Well my fashion style tip is you can never go wrong with some sweaters,jeggings,and boots.. I LOVE wearing sweaters and they can be pretty warm if you find the right kind. Leggings can be very warm too. And some maybe knee high boots will totally finish up the outfit. And if your neckline is a little too low, wear a scarf. I love dressing up with scarves…So always remember ” Modest is Hottest”!!!

    17. I love dressing up for Christmas. During this holiday I love wearing a floor length skirt with a pretty top or one of my dresses. Also, because it’s cold where I live I love wearing scarves. My holiday tip would be to where something according to the weather. Just because you have a cute dress that you really love but it seems to light for cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. Add some kind of accessory to it like a light sweater or a scarf. Merry Christmas!!!!

    18. My favorite holiday style tip is to wear leg warmers. Leg warmers look great with skinny jeans and a loose sweater. If you have long legs and like to wear skinny jeans, leg warmers balance out your body and keep you warm and in style!

    19. My holiday style tip is that you can never go wrong with a sweater! There are so many different patterns and colors and styles and just so many choices, and each sweater can be paired with leggings, jeans, or a long skirt.
      My favorite sweaters are the big Christmas ones, because they’re always so colorful and fun and really make it feel like Christmas.
      If you want something a little classier, a plain sweater paired with jeans is always a classic and pretty look that is perfect for Christmas dinner.

    20. Shawls are my absolute favorite fashion accessory! First they are very practical in that it is easy to grab on your way out the door. An additional plus is that you don’t have to struggle to get those long sleeves into an arm hole! I love how easy they are to get on and off 🙂 I take a shawl to church, movie theaters, and other social events for when the buildings get cold, and an excuse to use my favorite fashion accessory 😉 And for the many special occasions during the chilly cold months, you can dress up your shawl by adding a broach that goes with your outfit, and you have a beautiful, elegant look! Merry CHRISTmas!

    21. My favorite tip would have to be to rade your grandmother’s closet and pick out a few eye-catching items such as a pearl necklace, a warm sweater, a long flowing skirt, and/or a stylish purse to create a one-of-a kind vintage look to your wardrobe. My grandmother passed away two years ago, and I had the opportunity to keep some of her belongings, give them away, or pitch them. I choose several necklaces (including pearls) to remember her by and to add class to any outfit. In addition, I choose to keep a long navy blue chiffon skirt with flowers to wear on a pretty summer day or to wear with a sweater and boots in the fall. Lastly, I came across a stunning black purse with sequins on both sides. It adds instant glamour if I want to make an oufit really stand out. In conclusion, all of those things not only remind me of my grandmother when I wear them, but they also look amazing to put together with outfits I already have. 🙂

    22. My holiday style tip is to add a little sparkle! I usually wear a lot of dark clothes, but at Christmastime glitter and sequins add a festive flare to even the dullest outfits, especially with all of the Christmas lights reflecting off of it, it’s the PERFECT time for sequins! A pair of black kitten heels, black skinny jeans and a top covered in bright sequins with coordinating shimmer eye shadow- The perfect holiday look!

    23. Looking for a cute, warm outfit to wear to church during the Christmas season? Let me suggest an outfit for you!
      Start with a cute sweater. If you want to be extra festive, you could make it a Christmas sweater. You could also try a plain red sweater with a patterned scarf.
      Next, add a denim skirt. A darker one is nice if you want to look a little dressier.
      Put some leggings or tights underneath! If you’re wearing a bright color on top, black leggings would look nice; if you’re top is more neutral, you could do bright leggings (like red!)
      Finish your look off with some cute fuzzy boots!

      This outfit is easy to put together, but it looks great!

    24. My holiday style tip is to fix your hairstyle to go with your outfit and ladle out the Christmas accessories! For example, with jeans and a sweatshirt I would wear a ponytail, for jeans and a cute blouse I would wear it pulled into a fishtail braid on the side. I might straighten or curl my hair with a dressy outfit like a shirt or dress. But, in all of my outfits I like to stay classy and modest to try and reflect Ephesians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

    25. I figured out that anyone can make an ugly Christmas sweater cute… You just have to rock it. All you really need is a sweater (mine are just a tad big) with some skinny jeans and cute shoes. Rock it, and no one will ever know the difference! If I can do it, you definitely can!

    26. My holiday style tip: You can’t EVER go wrong with a long wool coat and pretty scarf! They will look very cute together, plus you stay nice and warm in the cold Winter weather. Better bundle up this season! 🙂

    27. My favorite holiday fashion tip would be be to wear skinny jeans and combat boots. This looks great with any shirt and a scarf. Combat boots are definitely in style this year and they are comfortable, and look casual and cute.

    28. I love festive head-wear during this special season. We don’t all have tacky Christmas sweaters or red& green clothing items but fun Christmas hats can be found anywhere. Dollar stores have Santa hats, Christmas animal or green/red colored beanies and reindeer/snowmen headbands. Cheap and super fun!

    29. My favorite holiday style tip is wearing scarves. I often layer a lot during this time..but I really enjoy wearing big scarves and small scarves. I really like them! They go with almost anything and can be worn in TONS of ways! They are even in multiple colors.

    30. My favorite holiday style is my red peacoat. It looks great with a pair of jeans and you can wear all kinds of hats and scarves with it. I like keeping the jewelry light with just a holiday-style necklace and earrings. I don’t do a lot of makeup, either. Just a light brown eyeshadow and a soft pink lip gloss. You want to look natural. And to keep warm during the wintertime, I like to just leave my hair down instead of trying to do something fancy. That’s what hats are for, anyways!

    31. scarves and boots are definitely a yes. This Christmas i think I will were a grey and purple sweater dress, comfy leggings, and grey boots. Another holiday tip is wearing snowflake jewelry. I have a silver snowflake headband from Claire’s and it’s super cute. Snowflakes are a very beautiful, complex creation! Last, don’t forget to have fun with reindeer antler headbands and bells that ring when you move around!

    32. Holiday style? The holidays are the perfect time for sequins, glitter and metallics! These can often be hard to wear everyday and not look like your dressing up too much. You can wear a full sequinced shirt during the holidays on any ol day and its a-okay! XD

    33. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and it’s a perfect time to get dressed up! My style tip is this: Have fun and be classy and modest! Sparkles are perfect, bright red and green are a must, scarves and boots are spectacular, cute sweatshirts are comfy and warm, and I don’t think you can overdo the accessories! The Christmas season is the perfect time to get out there and tell others about Christ, and believe it or not, your clothing and the way you present yourself can have a part in that. It is so much easier to be classy and modest in the winter with scarves and other things, and cross clothing and accessories are a great way to share your faith! Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, and have fun doing it. 🙂 God bless you and Merry Christmas!

    34. Holiday style tip? BOOTS,SWEATERS AND SCARVES! When else are you going to where those warm clothes? Layering all those awesome sweaters, cardigans, scarves etc… is sper cute and actually really easy..don’t mix too many patterns together though! haha 🙂 Also, making your own stuff is really awesome as too..a perfect thing to do if your bored on break, maybe make some jewelery or knit a scarf!

    35. Holiday themed items are my favorites to wear this time of year. Its great because you can follow the style as much as you like, as it will most likely be quite modest! Some of my favorite accessories to wear are Christmas earrings. Its great fun choosing an outfit and hoping to reflect the true meaning of Christmas by what you wear. Christmas is indeed a lovely time to dress for the season!

    36. My winter style tip is layer your clothes. you may not always know what temperature it is going to be and you can always take off clothes but it is not as easy to put them on if you don’t have them. that oi consideration the holidays are a time to let out the festive cheer that has been boxed up all year. lots of red, greens and golds, and don’t be afraid to wear that ugly sweater that grandma got you!!!!!

    37. My best holiday style tip is to wear an outfit that is comfortable and will keep you warm but is cute. A beautiful sweater with dark jeans and boots is a great idea. Or a sweater dress with an infinity scarf and sparkly jewelry is wonderful also.

    38. My tips?? Well, where I live it doesn’t get to cold so I layer a lot. I always have hoodies and sweaters around to slip on when it gets to cold. Also, boots are a lifesaver when it comes to cold feet! And don’t forget the fuzzy sock! They are the BEST for around the house! 🙂

    39. My favorite style tip for the holiday is to be modest as well as beautiful and warm. I love wearing dresses, so for the winter knit dresses are best, (not short or too tight.) Along with the dress you could wear a scarf, they’re pretty and keep you warm. Leather boots are great with black tights that way you’re warm and your skin isn’t showing. On top a coat would be nice, to keep you warm outside. This outfit goes for wherever you go. It is important to be modest no matter what season or time of the year it is.

      here is an example that I made on polyvore…

    40. My fashion tip for the holiday is to dress modest, warn and pretty. Wear clothes that look good on you and keep you warm in this cold weather. When picking what to wear make sure that the dress/skirt is not to short and the pants are not too tight. For the top you can wear a sweater, they are warm and keep you in style. And if it’s too cold you could add a coat on top. For accessories I would recommend scarfs. There are so many different styles, shapes, colors, and designs that will go with any outfit. They will also keep you looking cute and feeling warm. To finish your outfit add a pair of leg warmers and boots. My favorite outfit is a knitted sweater dress paired with a warm cute scarf, tights to keep you warm and boots. Also since where I live it is cold during the winter I like to wear a pretty coat on top.

      This is a link to an outfit that I designed on polyvore

    41. My Holiday Style tip? Theme your outfits 😀 For instance, you can look like an elegant winter queen by pairing snowflake, snowmen, or pearl earrings with jeans or a skirt, and a shimmery blue blouse (or any blue, grey, or white shirt for that matter). Note: apply light makeup and a hint of shimmer or beige gloss for that frosty glow , and let your hair loose for that angelic look. Or, you could go for cute and cozy, curled up by the fire, mug of hot coco in hand, wearing booties, leggings, and a cute patterned sweater or plaid shirt, complete with candy cane earrings and earthy tones of makeup. Be the belle of the ball, decked out in sparkles galore (if you’re going for a glitzy or elegant look), with sparkly eye shadow, regal earrings, and a modest gold or red dress. (Also, a pop of red lip gloss doesn’t hurt. Really in a festive mood? Paint your nails with cute Christmas designs, such as snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer, santa’s hat, candy canes, etc.. , add a red or green ribbon to your hair, wear a cute Christmas sweater with a skirt and tights or jeans, and don’t forget those cute pom pom boots stashed in your closet. For all my fellow fashionistas out there, scarfs and boots are your bestest friends in the winter 😉 Also, your smile is your best accessory, so don’t forget to flash those pearly white teeth! ;D Most importantly though, remember to keep Christ in Christmas, it’s not all about the presents. Don’t be afraid to wear a cross necklace or earrings as a reminder to yourself and others what the 25th is really about.
      On that note, have a merry merry merry Christmas! 😀 Or, as Frosty would say, happy birthday!

    42. My favorite Christmas style tip is to have fun with what you wear! Sequins, glitter, and of course, SPARKLES are all hot this time of the year! It is important not to “over do it” with the sparkles and glitter, but a pretty sparkly top with a pair of thicker black leggings/jeans and paired with your favorite boots can be a simple, stylish, and beautifully classy outfit choice! Don’t forget the coat, hat, mittens, and scarves! Don’t want to get too cold Christmas caroling or delivering those yummy home baked goods to your local senior center. Next, the hot colors are red, silver, and gold. Top buns, loose curls, and bouncy waves are all fun hairstyles for Christmas time. All of these style tips may be fun, but the most important piece of advice that anyone could give to you is to let God’s bright light shine through so that others will see that you are a child of the one TRUE King! 🙂

      – Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and God bless!

    43. Be modest and classy. Layering your clothing is a great way to do this, and it is comfortable looks adorable. It also prepares you for practically any type of weather. I love putting together outfits with sweaters, coats, scarves, leggings, and boots. You wouldn’t believe how many different outfits you can come up with, without even having to go to the expense of expanding your wardrobe! In any case, modesty is key to fabulous winter fashion, or really fashion in any season. It shows people how confident you are in yourself, yet also allows room for you to be humble. It also resonates self respect, and the fact that you are a child of God. Ladies, boys should not be lusting after you because of how you dress. They should see beauty in you because you have self respect. And you ARE beautiful. All of you. Modesty highlights your inner and natural beauty.
      God bless all you girls!

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