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Lecrae and Tori Kelly Perform on “Good Morning America”

Lecrae has a new album out called All Things Work Together. Click here to support Lecrae’s music.  


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Lecrae is a two-time Grammy-winning artist and has merged from the Christian music industry into the secular. He is well known for his album Gravity (one of my favorites), along with Anomaly and Church Clothes, the mixtape. Lecrae has emerged from Christian networks such as JUCE TV Network to BET, and has climbed the charts from the gospel genres in music to the mainstream media.

Tori Kelly was discovered on YouTube by Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. Kelly was signed to Capitol Records after releasing her own independent EP, Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly, while posting on her YouTube channel. Her debut album, Unbreakable Smile, released in the secular world of music, got her a spot on the Billboard Hot 100’s list for her single, “Nobody Love.” She has come a long way, being nominated for a Grammy, working with artists like Amy Grant and now Lecrae. Kelly is one of those artists I feel are undercover for the Lord, but are super successful and a positive influence.

Click here to watch Lecrae and Tori Kelly’s live performance on ABC’s Good Morning America with their song “I’ll Find You.”

Check out the lyrics in the song by Lecrae:

They say fear haunts

And pain hates

I say pain strengthens

And fear drives faith

And I don’t know all of the outcomes

Don’t know what happens tomorrow

But when that ocean of doubt comes

Don’t let me drown in my sorrow

And don’t let me stay at the bottom

I feel like this hole is too deep to climb

I’ve been lookin’ for a way out

But I’ll settle for a peace of mind

Picking up the pieces of my life and hopin’ that I’ll put together something right

Tell me all I got is all I need

Tell me you gonna help me stand and fight

The world trying to play with my soul

I’m just trying to find where to go

I’m trying to remember the way

I’m trying to get back to my home

But I can’t do this on my own

That’s why I’m just trusting in you

‘Cuz I don’t know where else to go

And I don’t know what else to do

No, don’t let the fear

Make you feel like you can’t fight this on your own

You know I, I’ll be there for you no matter where you go

You’ll never be alone, no…

Watch the official lyric video for “I’ll Find You” (by Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly).

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Follow Tori Kelly:
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Let us pray for Lecrae, Tori and others in the industry to shine their light and to bring others into the Kingdom.

PI Girls, do you agree there is a “Holywood” movement rising up in Hollywood? I am so happy that Lecrae and Tori Kelly collaborated—are you?

To read more about Holywood, go to Christi Given’s blog: holywoodscoop.wordpress.com

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Image: Courtesy of ABC.com video


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