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    Life Hack: 5 DIY Crafts and Inspiring Tips for the Fall Season!

    This week, we are presenting a “do it yourself” review of some videos I saw that were inspiring from video bloggers on YouTube. There are some cute ideas that are easy to do at home for the fall season regarding decorating and fun crafts, so let’s get started and get inspired!

    Click below to watch the full YouTube video for fall hacks and DIY tips by video blogger Meredith Parker:


    Five Fall Hacks, Ideas and DIY Tips

    1. Longer-Lasting Candles: Sounds weird, but there is a tip out there that says putting your candles in the freezer before lighting them prolongs the burn time. Not sure if this works, but it’s worth a try.

    Note: Be careful with candles and make sure you always are in the room or present with them lit!

    [Source: LaurDIY on YouTube]


    2. Pinterest Wall Board: Find your favorite fall pictures online, print them on large glossy computer paper, use tape to stick the pictures in the pattern you would like and voilà—you have an in-person Pinterest board.

    Note: The fun thing about this idea is that you can do it year-round!


    3. Pumpkin Painting Party: Even though Halloween is over, you can still paint pumpkins and can glue glitter or write on them with markers or paint pens.

    Note: Another cute idea is to carve yellow bell peppers and decorate with these festive fruits and veggies.


    4. No Fireplace? Play One on Your TV: You can create the same atmosphere (well, almost the same vibe as if you had a fireplace, just no heat) by finding an eight-hour loop or even a several-hour fireplace video on YouTube and playing it on your TV or home computer screen.

    5. Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Coffee: First, make your coffee. Add your almond milk or creamer of choice, then take pumpkin purée and use a spoonful, then add agave or sweetener (if your creamer isn’t already sweetened) and some cinnamon or pumpkin spice on top. For an extra treat, add some whipped cream…delish!



    PI Girls, do you have any hacks, craft ideas or tips for fall? Comment below!

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