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10 Packing Tips for Smarter Travel

This week, in celebration of the end of the school year, I wanted to share some inspiring ideas with those of you who are planning on traveling and vacationing. Here are 10 tips on how to pack so you can travel efficiently, pulled from my personal tips as well as some advice from fellow bloggers and YouTubers.



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10 Tips for Packing

1. Roll your clothing: It really saves you space when you roll your clothing or if you get divider little packing cubes. Get your very own packing cube here.

2. Put foundation and/or lotion in a contact case: For short trips, you can put foundation (if you don’t need much and don’t want to carry the big bottle of it) and/or your face lotion in the contact case. Make sure to rinse it out and don’t reuse for your eyes! Use an old contact case that you know you won’t reuse again.

3. Pack necklaces in zip-lock bags: So that your necklaces don’t tangle, take zip-lock plastic bags and separate your jewelry by color. You will be super organized and ready for your nights out when you coordinate your jewelry in advance.

4. Use a pencil case to hold items: Use a plastic pencil holder to pack makeup or foundation brushes. Have you ever thought of this hack before?




5. Bring an extra plastic bag for laundry: Do you tend to mix in your fresh clothing with old clothing? No problem—just pack an extra plastic bag for wet swimsuits and/or old/worn/dirty clothing.

6. Pack thin pj’s to avoid overpacking: Don’t bring thick leggings or pj’s if unnecessary; obviously, in colder climates, pants, layers and leggings are needed. If you’re only going away for one weekend, only bring one pair of pj’s. If it’s for a week, bring a pair of long pants and one pair of shorts. Try to avoid overpacking.

7. Store jewelry in pill/vitamin containers: This is SUCH a great idea. YouTuber Ella Elbells did a hack video on spring backpacking and shared this tip with viewers; click here to watch.

Make sure to put each different type of earring in each case, so you don’t lose your stud earrings, or try and plan your jewelry for the week! I love how the days are labeled—what a fab idea!

8. Put plastic wrap on your shampoo bottles: Avoid spilling in your bag and ruining either your clothes or losing product by putting plastic wrap over your bottles and sealing them. Such a good idea!

9. Use mint tins to hold bobby pins: Use a small case to hold safety pins or bobby pins. It helps keep you from losing small items.



Watch the best hacking video & travel tips for “She Finds.”


10. Bag your shoes in a packing cube or use shoe bags: This is a great idea! Also, to keep your shoes fresh and avoid smelly feet and shoes, put some laundry dryer sheets in your tennis shoes.




PI Girls, do you have any summer hacks for the PI audience? Comment below and give us any packing or travel tips you frequently use!

Happy summer break!


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