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    LOLing at #ThingsGirlsSay—From a Whole New Perspective

    Ladies—male and female stereotypes are never entirely accurate.

    Exhibit A: I really dig March Madness, and last weekend, I was torn between getting a free pedicure and watching the Notre Dame basketball game at 6 p.m. Turns out I was able to have my cake and eat it, too.

    That said, poking fun (if all in good fun) at our own feminine quirks, aka girl-isms, can be both wacky and entertaining.

    Here’s a prime example: Have you ever wondered what it might look like if #ThingsGirlsSay temporarily became, for instance, #ThingsMyBoyfriendSays?

    Just for kicks, we imagined it—hence all the funny scenarios below (which may be entirely inaccurate, but hey, still chuckle-worthy):


    1. When he picks you up to go to Hillsong United in concert, and you ask him how you look:

    “That top? With those jeans?”


    2. When you walk to church together, and his friends tease him for carrying your things:

    “It’s not a purse, it’s a clutch.”


    3. When you totally bomb a history test, and later, during youth group, you just aren’t in the mood to talk about it:

    “I’m not fooled—I know you aren’t sharing all your feelings with me right now. I just wish you would open up to me more.”


    4. When all you want to do is watch A Walk to Remember for, like, the seventh time:

    “But first…fro-yo. Let me just throw on some UGGs.”


    5. When you show him the DIY prayer journal you worked on during spring break:

    “Uh-huh, and you didn’t steal that idea from my Pinterest board?”


    6. When he first discovers Instagram:

    “Which Instagram filter should I use for my #GodManMonday pic? Pout or smile?”


    7. When he’s agitated because he has yet to hear back from a top-notch Christian university that he applied to, and you try to comfort him:

    “You’re so right—maybe I am just super emotional today.”


    8. When you’re hanging at a church potluck with your mutual friends, and his #1 buddy is busy chatting with some new members:

    “Okay, fine. I’ll go to the bathroom alone then.”


    9. When you’ve put more time and effort than usual into getting ready for an event:

    “Your eyebrows are so on point right now.”


    10. When you overhear his conversation with the lacrosse team during lunch at school:

    “It was so cute—she sent me a text just to say ‘Good morning.'”


    11. When you wake up early to volunteer on a Saturday, and you’re more hyped up on coffee than ever before:

    “Tell me more about that blouse you bought today.”


    12. When prom is tomorrow:

    “Check out my new haircut. It only cost, like, $140!”


    How about it, ladies? Any other girl-isms we can add to the list?


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