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    Love Your Beautiful Bikini Body!

    Summer has officially begun! With summer comes vacation, warm weather and swimsuit season. Summer is supposed to be a time for fun, but sometimes it can be dreadful for teen girls.

    Magazine covers in the checkout line bombard us with headlines that read, “Best and Worst Bikini Bodies!” We are shown images of celebrities looking perfect. Seeing these types of images can tear a girl down by suggesting that she’s not fitting the Hollywood image.

    Seventeen is one example of a magazine that gives advice on how to get a perfect beach body in weeks. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy or looking good in a bikini, it’s best to try not to get too caught up with looking perfect. As Nicole has showed us in some of her articles, many of the ‘perfect’ images we see of celebrities are manipulated to look that way.

    Obsessing about your image can lead to some very serious issues, including an eating disorder. Rather than focusing on looking perfect, it’s better to focus on how beautiful you already are. Rather than spending your summer dreading how you might look in your swimsuit, jump into the water and enjoy your summer! You are only young once!

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    Corrina Jean
    Corrina Jean grew up in Pennsylvania and dreamed of traveling. Over the past three years she has had the opportunity to live in Virginia, California and Japan. She is a student at Liberty University and is pursuing her English degree. She contributes pop culture articles for the Examiner at Examiner.com. Writing is her passion and she uses her talent to bring to light the negative influence that the media can have on young girls.


    1. While i agree every girl is special and unique, Why would you promote wearing a bikini? Yes, love your body, but love your bikini body? It is stated all over the bible to be modest, while a bikini is quite the opposite. I love project Insipred and this is the first time i have felt any displeasure reading it. I enjoy this site, you make many good points, however, i dont like promoting immodesty

      • I totally agree with you! I have never worn a bikini in my life, and I’m perfectly fine with that. It makes me so sad that girls try to get attention from guys by using their bodies. You can be beautiful even if you have clothes on!

    2. Something that always helps me is to focus on my favorite features if I’m feeling insecure about something like my tummy, or not being tan enough I will focus on my eyes or hair or I look for a swimsuit that accentuates my good features. (:

    3. I don’t like wearing bikinis- I wear two pieces that are longer just for modesty stuff.

      But, yeah, the whole idea of ‘bikini bodies’ can be really hard on one’s self-esteem, so it’s best to just not worry about what everybody else thinks about you and just have fun at the beach or pool.

    4. Don’t you think that bikini’s are wrong though? Because the Bible says not to be sensual, but if your attracting attention to your boobs, it is being sensual. PS: I’m sorry if I hurt anyones feelings!

    5. i loved this article!! ive had some self esteem issues in the oast like every other girl there is. i used to only wear one piece swimsuits because i was afraid of what others would think and how i would look. but im proud that ive come to accept that God made me the way i am! now i can strut my stuff without worrying about it! the best way to get a bikini body is to believe in God, and to believe in yourself (:

    6. I’m 5′ 3″, I weigh 120 and I’m very curvy.
      In other words, not stick-thin.
      I still wear bikinis, and I feel fine and comfortable in them.
      You just have to love the skin you’re in.
      It’s the one God gave you so it’s the one you’re meant to have. 🙂

    7. This is a great article! We are only young once….so we might as well live it to the fullest. Make memories of playing and having fun…not stressing about looking perfect. Thank you! and, I DON’T think there’s anything wrong with bikinis. They are comfortable and cool. Just because you wear a bikini doesn’t mean that you have to pick a bikini out there that shows everything. There are plenty of bikinis out there that fully cover your top and bottom. You also have to get the correct size. In my opinion, there is NOTHING wrong with wearing a bikini. It’s the only type of bathing suit I wear. Just pick one that fully covers your top and bottom and you’ll be fine. 🙂 Great article!! 🙂

    8. I dont really think you guys should wear bikinis because they show off too much skin. I understand that you’re supposed to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, but you should do that in more modest clothing.
      It’s like walking around in your bra and underwear.

    9. Nicole, I’m a little surprised that you would suggest that you support girls wearing bikinis. The main goal of modesty is to protect the guys around us, and bikinis certainly don’t do that- they leave nothing to the imagination at all. There is really no difference at all between a bikini and running around in your underwear, and oftentimes bikinis cover less than underwear! You have a wonderful website and your passion is evident, but as you have such an influence over girls, if they see that it’s ok to wear a bikini, they will. I don’t think that’s the message we need to spread.

      That said, this is only the first article that I haven’t agreed with, so please keep up the good work! <3

      • Hey Alison! I completely understand what you’re saying. This article was written by one of my contributing writers named Corinna, and this was her thought on this. I’m not sure how I feel about 2 pieces, because sometimes it’s too hot to wear only a once piece and I do like my stomach a bit tan in the summer. I’ll think about this, because it is a tough one. (for me.)

        • Nicole, I saw this comment and I was wondering what your opinion on this was now that you thought about it. I am REALLY struggling with the “bikinis immodest?” and I reallllyy need your opinion

    10. I really love the premise of this article, because I am truly not comfortable with my body in many ways. However, I do agree that bikinis can be very immodest. There was a study done at Princeton back in 2009 regarding men seeing pictures of women in bikinis, and the results were shocking. Based on brain scans, the researchers found that the men don’t consider the woman’s intentions, the women are associated with first person verbs (“I touch”, “I want”, etc.) and they are not even viewed as people. (http://www.princeton.edu/~mcikara/Cikara2011JOCN.pdf)

    11. I love this article.
      I disagree with people who say that ALL bikinis are immodest. Sure, if you wear a bikini with a top that looks more like two band-aids pieced together with some dental floss, or bottoms that look like, well… dental floss, then DUH! you’re being immodest! But, they make bikinis that fully cover all your ‘lady parts’ with out any illusion that if you keep staring at it then you will see more!
      Two pieces are the best for mixing and matching. The other day, I was swim suit shopping, trying on some and found a cute two piece bikini. I showed my mom to make sure she liked it. She said that she did, but that she thought the bottoms were skimpy. I trusted my mom and found another set of bottoms that were more modest and looked WAY better then the other ones. So maybe take someone with you, whether it’s your mom, or a friend, who will hold you accountable and tell you if you’re swim suit needs a little more swim suit.
      Another thing that promotes people to believe that bikinis are immodest is the way that you carry yourself in one. When girls prance around in a lil string bikini acting like a ditz, then YEAH you’re gunna get the WRONG attention from the WRONG guys. They say that the biggest turn on for a guy is a girls confidence. So like the article says, love your body for all the right reasons and you’ll get the RIGHT attention from the RIGHT guys. So whether you you’re wearing a one piece or a bikini, STRUT your stuff that chyu love and stay confident.
      Confidence is beautiful (:

    12. I agree with the first few girls. The Bible DOES tell us to be modest. And guess what? In Exodus, the Bible defines ‘nakedness’ as the area from the waistline to the knee. Now, the top area is considered nakedness because each culture has ideas of what is and is not acceptable to show, and modesty is deferring in your dress and trying your very hardest not to draw attention to yourself or offend others by your dress. And the midriff/tummy area is considered nakedness by me and many other Christians because Christians are told in the Bible not to be a stumblingblock or temptation to others. Did you know that, just by seeing a tight outfit or bare legs/midriff, men are aroused? Gross, I know, but truth. Why not do our best to go above and not as close as possible to the boundaries and show Christ in our dress?

    13. yes, i agree that bikinis are not modest, but the point of the article, more than loving your bikini body, is just to love your swimsuit body. girls can feel uncomfortable even in a completely covering swimsuit, and i think more than focusing on the title of the article, focus on the point of the article.

    14. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. A lot of people think that because you’re a Christian you have to wear a one-piece, when its not true! You can wear a bikini and feel good about yourself! Not everyone wears a bikini to show off what they have up top or down below and behind!

      The bible does say to be modest, and there are a lot of bikinis out there that don’t show everything God gave you. As a teenager, of course girls are going to want to show off their bodies to guys, but that’s only some girls. It just depends on the person wearing the bikini, and the bikini itself.

      The title is not promoting immodesty in any way at all. Girls can show off their “bikini body”, their “one-piece body”, or maybe their ” bathing suit body” in general without showing their body off inappropriately.

    15. Okay, first, how can you say “there is nothing woring with wearing a bikini”? You dont know any more than we do if its okay or not. You can believe that theres nothing wwrong with it, but yu cant state, “theres nothing wrong with it.” And there are bikinis that cover you? Yes, and those bkinis are called TANKinis.
      Also “Not everyone wears a bikini to show off what they have up top or down below and behind!” Why else do you wear them then, i would sincerealy like to know, because i have tried some on before and they were the opposite of comfortable. So, i dont wear them. Sure, some can cover yor “lady parts” but the Lord makes it pretty clear that he wants more than the bare minimum covered up.
      And yes, girls can show off their “bikini body”, their “one-piece body”, or maybe their ” bathing suit body” in general without showing their body off inappropriately. But that just ruines your point, you shouldnt wear a bathing suit to show off, that attracts the wrong attention. I agree with what “the other emily” says, she seems very knowledgable!

    16. I am so glad to see the response to this article! Truth is, whether you choose to wear a two piece or a one piece, it is essential that you are comfortable with you and do not let Hollywood influence you or your body!

    17. I swim on a competitive, year-round swim team, so im in a swim suit A LOT. Normally we wear one pieces in practice, but I dont have a problem wearing a bikini when im just swimming for fun. While it takes a little hunting, its possible to find suits with a little more coverage. My mom always comes with me to approve what im buying.

      At swim meets, I still wear one pieces, but I have to buy them for competition purposes. They are expensive and suppose to help during your race. They are suppose to “fit like a second skin.” I have to buy it 2 sizes smaller than my practice suits. Tight (shape revealing) swimsuits is something you just have to get used to if you really want to be competitive.

      Being comfortable with your own body is extremely important. So is modesty. But its not a set of strict rules to follow. You should always wear whats appropriate for the situation. At the pool, its completely appropriate to show your stomach. Show confidence and maturity to others and they will show the same to you. You could be wearing a complete body suit, but if you throw yourself at boys, your compromising your modesty.

    18. The Bible says to be modest, yes, don’t wear low cut tops that show your multi-color bra. Haha. Okay, but wearing a bikini is a Christian girl’s choice. Some girls choose to wear one pieces…some can not. I can not wear a one piece for the life of me…so I choose to wear a bikini. You can be modest by wearing a bikini without a low cut, such as a straight across top and you can wear board shorts with them. Don’t judge, people have different views on the topic.

    19. So i love this article and i think that if you dont feel comfertable with wearing a bikini, for whatever reason, then dont wear it. But you cant bash other people for wearing them. If they feel comfertable wearing one then let them, it shouldnt be about if other people think is modest its about what you think. So dont let anyone tell you anything different!

    20. you are so right about the hollywood “image” my best friend is 16yrs old and she has become obsessed with her outward image rather than her inward. she wont eat anything ever, and when she does she scarfs it down then complains about how she shouldnt have eatn anything. i have no idea what to do, ive tried talking to her about it, but every time i start to say something about it, she cuts me off and wont let me say anything. she acts as though shes offended. and its not like she is unhealth looking, but all it takes is a couple more weeks of her doing this and she will. i dont understand why ppl starve themselves so that they can feel good about themselves. shes beautiful and has a perfect body and any guy would be lucky to have a chance with her, but she doesnt see it that way. i have no idea what to do, i need help on how to confront her. help?

      • I would show her beautiful actresses with a few curves, like Scarlett Johanssen and Sophia Vergara, Jessica Biel, and a few others. Tell her they are gorgeous, and they have curves! Also keep telling her if she starves herself and doesn’t eat healthy, her metabolism is slowing down and she could potentially mess it up forever and it won’t be good long-term if she wants to lose weight! Also show her extremely skinny girls who starve themselves and ask her, do you think this is attractive? Tell her the negatives of having anorexia, such as losing your hair, your skin losing its color, and many other negative effects. (google it.) And tell her she is perfect the way she is, and that God made her beautiful! Continue praying for her too.

    21. you are sooo right, about every thing you said. it doesnt matter really how much you DO or DONT cover up, guys are going to think, what guys are going to think regardless. BUT there are guys out there that wont just look at you in your bikini and think those dirty thoughts, ya there are guys out there that will but not all males are like that. besides its all about the signal YOURE sending. if you prance around being extremely careless and inapropriate, then guys are going to think youre easy and have napropriate thoughts. and you dont have to be skimpy with your bikini. when i get a bikini i make sure that my top covers as much as it can, which usually means i get one size bigger than i need. then with my bottoms, i dont care, because i get a cute little pair of shorts to wear over them. because thats whats comfortable for me, and i dont have to worry about showing to much or maybe accidentally showing more than i want to. so really your bikini body can be modest or inmodest, all depending on what YOU choose to wear 🙂

    22. I think that there is something wrong with wearing bikinis.. I understand people want a tan stomach, but why? Who is going to see it other than your family or husband (if you have one,)? It shouldn’t matter if you have a tan stomach; those whose opinions you should care about love you more than the tanness of your skin.
      As for bikinis themselves, think about how easy it is to have a little wardrobe malfunction. Think about how in the crash of a wave the body could fall off, or the top could slip up.
      Think about those moments where you’re tying your hair or taking it down, and you’ve just gotten your hair stuck in the tie, or undone the tie of your bathing suit top.
      Above all else, it tempts our brothers. Think about it.. our brothers in CHRIST at the teenage years are just now dealing with those hormones we were dealing with when we were twelve.. but their bodies desire.. THAT one thing especially. And as if that wasn’t enough, the media and society, and even their teammates and some buddies are telling them to be giving in to their temptations. As their sisters in Christ, we’re supposed to love for them and put their needs above ours. Shouldn’t we honor them and just cover up a little bit?

      How can we say we are the daughters of a king when we aren’t dressing like a princess?
      Girls, I find one pieces comfy.. they make nice one pieces other than the competitive swimming suits, they also cover more, so I don’t have to worry about tags, ties, or even people looking at my stomach. They make leisure one pieces.
      Guys, we are supposed to be DIFFERENT here. We shouldn’t feel at home in this dark world.. we are a light and have a fire within us that we need to share with everyone else. Respect your guy friends and yourself; if you respect yourself then you’ll understand that you don’t have to show EVERYTHING at the beach or the pool. Respect your brothers by not giving them a reason to be tempted.

    23. I don’t agree with wearing bikinis. I won’t get into anyone’s face about it. But I just view them as too immodest. Some, though, are better than others but still show too much. I always think about it as it being similar to being a bra and underwear- it shows the same amount of skin(actually some underwear shows less than some bikinis I’ve seen)! Yet people are okay being seen in a bikini but make a big deal if there caught in their underwear lol. Of course, I don’t mean that you should be okay with someone looking at you in your underwear.

    24. I think a bikini is ok as long as it is pretty modest. Though I defntly don’t like the string tie ones. I actully know a girl whose bottom came untied in a pool. Thankfully no one saw anything. As long as it covers halfway decent I’m happy.

    25. Because of my curvy body, I wear tankinnis. My mom never lets me wear bikkinis because of modesty reasons. Tankinnis are just as cute as bikkinis that cover up more skin. Because my dress style is more layed-back and conservative, my swimsuit style should stay the same way.

    26. OKay. So, yes, we should like our bodies. God gave them to us.
      However, dressing in bikini’s has bad impressions on guys. They like them, but for all the wrong reasons. Guys are MUCH more visuall then girls. They see a girl wearing a bikini and they remember that forever, AND they will mostlikly lust after her, no matter how hard it is not too.
      These guys aren’t the only ones too blame for their pervertedness, because us girls could help by not dressing in our underwear.

    27. after i gained weight and got pretty heavy in the thigh area i started getting insecure about my body bc i have stretch marks i would want to be perfectly flwless..dont get me wrong i love bikinis and i also dont like showing all that:) so i wore my bikini but swam with a long thin shirt….:)

    28. Katie and Mewster: U do hav a point and I do luv the truth of this blog post. I struggle with self image. But just a side note,.. Not all “bikinis” are immodest. They r for recreation ( Not for random pics as some girls use them for)I believe it depends on the intintion and the fit and style of it!(:

    29. How many of you girls have brought a GUY along with you to get a swimsuit?
      my brother is 17 years old and goes shopping with me (he’s not gay, don’t even ask) and tells me if my swimsuit is modest or not. I never even go NEAR the bikinis just from some of the things i have heard him and his CHRISTIAN friends say.
      Those are our brothers in Christ. If you actually think it doesn’t affect them, you are sorely mistaken. I remember one of our college interns talking to us at youth group about modesty. He said the main thing guys think of when they see us in those kind of swimsuits is “what if one of those strings broke?” do not justify it by saying bikinis can be modest with a teeny bit more fabric, because they really just can’t.
      I’m not saying you can’t ever wear a swimsuit, but i encourage you beautiful ladies to think twice before you reach for that rack. It is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in a Christian guy’s life.

    30. As many have said, the bible talks over and over about being modest and a bikini is anything but. Sure its a cool thing to do, but all it is is a way of getting attention so people can look at you. It doesn’t take much to get an imagination running wild.

      • I agree with Emily. Not to be sounding proud or anything but I’m pretty thin and I don’t dislike my body but the first and only time I tried a bikini on (in a girl’s locker room) I felt so uncomfortable and I just knew I couldn’t wear it knowing that I could be causing my brothers in Christ to fall into temptation. I feel like I should be saving that part of me for my future husband, not every guy I walk past on a public beach. It’s not too hard to find a cute, modest tankini for a good price! (JCPenney and dELiA*s have some super cute tankinis and one piece suits!) But I also agree that you shouldn’t worry about Hollywood’s idea of a “bikini body” because they’re so photo edited anyway. God wants you to love you for who you are. He made you just the way you are and I think it must hurt him to see girls getting plastic surgeries or taking diet pills to try and change the way he created them. We’re all beautiful creations of an awesome God and instead of trying to change how we look, we should be thanking God for making us in His own image! Just think! Us lowly, sinful humans were created in the image of the most powerful, incredible, wonderful, loving, wise God in the universe! Don’t wish for something else, love what he’s given you! Just a thought. :]

        <3 Shan

    31. I do NOT think that you’re going to hell if you wear bikinis, but I do think that if there are two guys at a pool, and you walk in with one on, one, if not both of the guys are going to be pulled away from God. Because what if there is a guy who doesn’t know aout God, and has done stuff to girls before, and you go to a water park with one on, he’s gonna start thinking ‘Oh wow…That girl is SOO sexy! I wonder ifI could get with her!’. It’s how a dudes mind works. There are likly MILLIONS of guys spread out in water at America. All though ALL guys don’t stare, what if just one did?! You’de STILL be making him stumble. if one doesn’t look, the other will, and you’ll be causing ONE to stumble! And WHY take a chance?!?!?!?! WHO CARES how many boys! THe Bible says that it’s ‘better to tie a bolder around your neck and throw the bolder into the oceon, than it is to cause a person to stumble. And 1 peices ARE COMFTORABLE! And there are situations when 1 peices are reavealing. There ARE ways to avoid that. THe point is, I don’t care if not ALL boys look at you with lust, some do! What if you came across one of the men? Think about it, and think ‘Would I be okay if Jesus was standing right next to me, wearing these clothes!?

    32. This is true! Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing modest bikinis (emphasis on modest), as long as you feel comfortable, love yourself! 🙂 I wear a bikini, but I definitely took the time to make sure that it was modest and comfortable. And it’s true, we are only young once! 🙂

      • i agree
        i am a christian girl and i dont wear bikinis because i dont think it compliments my body well but ill wear a cute one piece. but i dont think that i dress modestly all the time but i think its important to dress appropriatley depending n where you are =)

    33. A bikini is NOT something that should be worn, especially by young teenage girls. Do you have any idea how much men of all ages struggle with pornography and lust. Do you really want to be the girl to strike that match? Ask any guy honestly and they’ll tell you how much they struggle. Our brothers in Christ desperately need young women of God to dress themselves modestly and clothe themselves in the holy spirit.

      1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV

      Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

      1 Timothy 2:9-10 ESV

      Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.

      Proverbs 31:30 ESV

      Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

      1 Peter 3:3-4 ESV

      Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

      I encourage all of my sisters in Christ to go spend some time looking at the modesty survey that was conducted by Alex and Brett Harris (authors of “Do Hard Things.) Know that all of you are beautiful, but that beauty is for God, and your future husband. Dress like a slob? Absolutely not! Be creative and try to be modest and stylish at the same time. It is definitely not impossible. Rebecca, Esther, Mary, Ruth and Sarah are women that we should mold ourselves after and I guarantee that they were not wearing glorified underwear in public. The served the Lord and clothed themselves in righteousness and were blessed because of it.

      • i agree but as a teen it can be hard to be modest all the time(shorts above the knees, spagetti strap stirts)because its what a lot of stores sell those things and not all spagetti straps look promiscuous or “slutty”
        and also a lot of women stuggle with pornography as well not just men

    34. i agree with another person on here, you dont have to wear a bikini but another thing that kindof bothered me about this post was that you used the term “perfect” body a few times. i think that the media has brainwashed women to believe that being thin means that you have a nice body but if you are cury thick or heavyset then your body is flawed. but i dont believe that we should say that being thin is perfect and make others that dont have that thin frame feel as if they havent got a nice body. this article was okay but i think that the articles on here should be more openminded and your words should be chosen more wisley. i know u most likely werent trying to offend people but i just thought id share my point of view =) be blessed and stay blessed

    35. I was just about to comment on the issue of modesty and how girls have no need to be insecure of their bikini bodies as they shouldn’t be wearing bikinis in the first place, but I see that’s been covered.
      Really though, don’t forget that you can be modest and still be cute! Rash guards or tankini tops paired with a set of board shorts look great on girls, and it’s all considered swimsuit material, so you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed if you have “friends” that would laugh at you for wearing clothes over your bikini (I would get away from people like that, but that’s quite a separate issue entirely).

    36. Bikinis aren’t modest! It’s basically wearing a bra and underwear out for the world to see… The person (guy, actually) who put them on the runway had to hire a stripper, since no one else would come close to one!

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