From Hannah, a Project Inspired Girl – Make A Difference in Your School Like I Did!

    God called me to make a difference in my school. I obeyed Him and He blessed me. I want to share my story with you about how God used me to share His love with others and my secrets on how you make a difference in your school, too!

    Here’s my story…

    I was the new kid in town. My family had moved right before school started to help ‘plant’ a new church. I had been in private school all my life, and this would be my first year in public school and in middle school! Pretty scary! But I knew there was nothing I couldn’t do with God on my side.

    The minute I walked into the first day of sixth grade at my new school, I knew I needed to make a difference. God wanted me to change the kids in my school and show them His truth. I prayed to God asking him about what He wanted me to do as the next few weeks of school unfolded.

    One day as I was walking down the hallway, hurrying so I would make it to class on time, I kind of just stopped and God spoke to me. I looked around me. There were girls dressed in skimpy outfits, crying out for attention. There were girls that were trying to fill that hole in their hearts where God should be with the love of a boyfriend, and they were all so young. I knew then that God wanted me to show these girls what it meant to have a pure heart that was filled with the love and forgiveness of God.

    I was scared. I didn’t want to get made fun of. I was already ‘ the new girl’. What would people think of me now? I wanted to start a Christian girls club where girls in my grade could come and learn about God and also have fun! I prayed for a couple of months and then I talked to my choir teacher who is a strong Christian woman. I asked her if she would be the sponsor for the girls club, the adult that is present at each meeting. She said that she would be honored to. Then we asked the principal. She loved the idea, but she said that it would take some time to get the school board to agree — and it sure did.

    After a couple of very long months of praying for the school board to agree (the chances were slim), they said yes! I was so excited! My friends and I were literally running up and down the hallways exclaiming about the fact that we could start our club.

    The next step was getting everything ready. It took about another month before we could start our club. One day, my friends and I met with our sponsor after school. We created a schedule for each meeting and decided we would meet every other Wednesday. I came up with a name for the club: “Pure Heart Girlz”. Our sponsor assigned us positions and I was named President! How exciting! We started to make posters, and we even got them to announce it on the morning news! Our start date was January 26, 2011.

    When January 26, came, our first meeting went super great! For the small town that I live in, the crowd of 30 girls was really good! We had a skit, a game, a lesson, fellowship, prayer and prizes! The girls had lots of fun. After every meeting they were always so excited!

    We had a really fun year with the girls! We saw God transform so many of their hearts and it was amazing! They were always asking new questions, they were so hungry for Jesus. It was amazing seeing these girls’ lives change and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

    This summer, I’m working on a curriculum that other girls can use in their school to start a “Pure Heart Girlz”. We’ll have Pure Heart Girlz for the sixth grade girls again next year, and we are even hoping to open it up to seventh and eighth grade girls, too. The school board says it looks doubtful, but remember what they said about Pure Heart Girlz starting in the first place? I know that just like how God made a way last year, He will make one this coming year, also! I know with God on our side, there is no stopping Pure Heart Girlz!!!

    That’s my story!

    Here are some tips on how you can make a difference in your school!

    • Always obey God’s calling! When you obey what God is telling you to do, then He will bless you!
    • Pray, pray, pray!!! Prayer is so very important! In prayer, God will reveal to you what it is He wants you to do!
    • Look around. God showed me the need for the girls in my school to develop a pure heart! Look around and see what it is the kids in your school are missing!
    • Don’t be ashamed! Probably one of the most important things. Some people made fun of me for standing up for God. That was just the Devil trying to get me down. Just because people make fun of you, does not mean you should stop! People made fun of Jesus when He claimed to be the Son of God, didn’t they? They tortured Him as He hung on the cross. Persecution is just a small price to pay for the love and the freedom that was given to us when Jesus gave His life for us!
    • Don’t Get Discouraged! I could’ve easily been really discouraged when I wasn’t sure if the school board would approve of my idea! But as I patiently waited and prayed, things turned out better than I had hoped! God always makes a way when it’s His will!
    • Always Look Ahead!!! Always be thinking about how you can better share God’s love with others! Our curriculum for other girls to start a Pure Heart Girlz is a good example!
    • Be Unstoppable!!! With God on your side, prayer and faith, there is no stopping you! There is no limit to how big of a world-changer you will be!

    You can “Like” Pure Heart Girlz on Facebook! We have daily scriptures and encouragement, and you’ll be able to see what we are up to!

    Written by Project Inspired Fan Hannah

    Hannah is on the left 🙂

    Do YOU have any ideas on what you could do at home or at school to share the word of God?

    Remember this scripture when you go out and serve God:

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” -Matthew 5:11

    Do you feel like your school needs to provide more positive programs for girls?

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    1. I love what you did in public school we definitely need more people who are willing to speak up and Share the love of Jesus! at my school we have a Bible study group called fellowship for Christian athletes. and Most of my posts on Facebook I post Christian songs, Bible verses, encouraging word, project inspired posts and a ton of other things and I do get made fun of for it but I don’t let it get me down. It makes me really happy when I see or hear people making a difference like you did. I’ll pray for your club and that you can continue to do it and it can be opened up to more girls and they can be reached for Christ. 🙂

      • Cara! This is Hannah! (Writer of article) Thank you so much! I have heard of FCA. I sounds super cool! They don’t have one at my school, another reason that I started my girls club. That is super awesome what you are doing on Facebook! I do that a lot, too! Good for you, never let them get you down! Thanks for the prayers! Our whole girls club appreciates them! You are awesome and you ARE making a difference–in your news feed! Hannah

      • Hi Jenn! Thank you so much! God is amazing! 🙂 I’m glad you are inspired by my story-you can make a difference too! If all of us Project Inspired Girls stepped up and made a difference, the Devil would be running AND screaming like a little girl! 🙂

      • Hi Paris! I was afraid of asking, too. Trust me, I was totally scared. But I just had to obey God’s calling, and then He took my fear away. I think doing that at your school would be super awesome! You totally have potential and you can make a difference! Go to your favorite teacher and ask! Or maybe it would be less intimidating to call or e-mail your school! You can do it! Nothing is impossible with God! 🙂 You got this girly! I’m praying for you!

    2. Wow, Hannah, you are so amazing. I wish i could stand up like that. I really want to change my school for the better, which is really sad, considering i go to a Christian middle school. My teachers are lways saying “this is a Christian school, but not everyone here is a Christian.” That is almost an excurse not to be a Christian. I see everyday how people are disobeying God’s laws to live for the world. I wish (no, i pray) that i can be of some help to my school.

      • Anything is possible with God! It’s really good that your eyes are opened to see that people are not following God’s Will. Some Christians don’t seem to see the bad that goes on around them. But, it’s great that your eyes are opened! With God, you can help open everyone else’s eyes too! 😀

      • Hi Michy!Thank you, it’s just God using me! 🙂 I totally know where you’re at. I grew up in Christian school all of my childhood–Pre-K through 5th grade and then I moved here. And your teachers are right. And, although that isn’t an “excuse” it is true. And it is sad. Guess what? You can totally make a difference Michy! Believe me, all throughout the Bible God used THE MOST unlikely people to make a difference! And if used me, believe me, He can use you to make a difference in your school! Just follow my tips. Maybe you are called to start a girls club like I did (we have curriculum in the making to help make it easier for girls like you to start a PHG) or maybe you can make a difference by simply sharing how God really lives in you with some kids. Or sometimes it’s something like just sharing this website with the new girl! How easy is that?! Or inviting someone to youth group. A little harder, but you can do it! I believe in you and God does too! Don’t ever be afraid to step out in your faith, Michy! 🙂 All things are possible with God!

    3. Hannah Harris!, i am so proud of the young lady you have become, not that i ever doubted it. Thanks for sharing your story with your fav great aunt, Ha!ha! I pray for this to continue and grow with all that God wants. Love you very much, Aunt Bobbie

      • Aunt Bobbie! Thank you so much! I was super glad to share it with you! And you are an awesome great aunt!! Thanks for the prayers! I am following God and He is taking me places I had never dreamt of! 🙂 Love you bunches! Hannah

    4. I was homeschooled this year (for 7th grade) and i absolutely didnt like it.. but I continued through it because I knew that it was God’s will for me. I always always always post LOTS of scripture on facebook everyday. Some of my friends say that they read them(: I’m going back to school this year. God has spoken to me about what he wants me to do… but my testimony is suuuper long and its personal.. nothing to do with a group. LOL and i <3 your article.

      • Anastasia,
        Good perseverance on your homeschooling! It is awesome to post Scriptures on your Facebook! You can totally make a difference in your newsfeed and bless your friends! That is great that God has spoken to you about what He wants you to do! Keep going, girly! God’s gotcha!

    5. Hey ladies! I was helping out at a kids Vacation Bible School Today and they were talking about the Jonah story. It really touched me in a new way. God called Jonah in Nineveh-the land that was messed up! People were sinning like crazy! (Sound anything like your school?) And God just told me that I needed to really step out into Nineveh and get even more lost, broken, and (un-Christian?) girls into the club. Then He spoke to me again. Later in the story, after the whole whale thing, the Bible says God had prapared the people of Nineveh for Jonah, they knew they needed God. And when Jonah finally got there, they asked him “Where have you been?” Did you know that when you make a difference in your school thegirls that are making the wrong choices, living without God, the ones that are crying out for attention by dressing immodestly, the girl with eating disorder, the one who cuts herself, she is asking you “Where have you been?” Maybe not with words, but these girls need God. Just like God used me to make the difference, He can use you too!

      • Hi Lauren! Thank you for leaving a comment and your welcome! :)Guess what? God calls on people like you,too! God can sooo use you ANYWHERE! Start praying about what it is he wants you to do. Cause believe me, with God on your side, you can sooo make a difference!

    6. this is a powerful message I’m very proud of Hannah and how she kept on trying to spread God’s love even though people laughed at her. It never knocked her down. When people laughed or mocked me because I tried telling them about God I would be discouraged and try to avoid talking about it. Now I know it was only the Devil trying to stop me, and I allowed it!! I am much stronger know and can’t wait to change the lives of people in my school this year!!

    7. My life story is so much like yours… My family moved to plant a church too and I had to switch to a public school at the start of middle school….. i have tried to be a witness and people just aren’t open to the gospel at my school. I pray for them everyday and I really hope that this year I will have a breaktrough!

      • Julia, yes your life story does sound a whole lot like mine! People weren’t open to the gospel at my school, either. But you keep praying! I prayed for a long time and people began to open up! You can do it! I believe this year God can totally use you to breakthrough to these kids! Thank you!

    8. This is so cool! I’m going into 8th grade and my school is very messed up, girls have gotten pregnant, TONS of people do drugs and its just not a good place. I have thought about doing a homegroup type of thing like this, I think it would be so fun!

    9. I am so glad we started pure heart girlz. we really did make a difference for the girls in RFMS. I had so much fun that year! I hope we can do stuff like that more offten! God bless you and may you spread jesus’ word to other people.
      love your best friend,
      Baylie T.

    10. My school definitely needs a Pure Heart Girlz club! So many of them wear tons of makeup and yet say, “I’m ugly!”. So many of them try to replace god with more than one boyfriend, and they break up frequently. If god was in their lives, they’d feel beautiful and loved. But whenever I try and tell them about God, they laugh and disregard my words. I keep praying that someday they’ll find him.

    11. this totally blew me away because i thought i was the only person who had these views on having a pure heart and waiting for your husband instead of dating…most people look at me like im from mars but now i know more than ever that this is a God thing thanks to your post and amazing support to girls like me:) thank you! thank you! i dont go to public school but people need this message everywhere right? thanks again and cant wait to read that corriculum!:)

      • Hi Elizabeth! You should totally go for it!!! I can’t lie to are going to get teased for this. But you’ve just gotta pray for those people. One of the girls that teased me a little actually came to our last meeting of the year. You can do it girl! God is on your side!!

    12. Just the fact that you wanted to make a differance is AMAZING! Most girls in public school are to ashamed if they ever thought about doing anything like this! Im going to be in eith grade next year so I definatly know how hard it can be in middle school. A couple of my friends and me are going to do a club for girls who are new or shy or just don’t have many friends. Also many of these girls will be Christians or want to become Christians so we’ll help inspire them and teach them about the Lord just like you did! I think it’s a great idea and thank you for all your hard work into putting your effort in it(I know it takes ALOT of work!) Bless you and I will be thinking and praying for you to have the club again this year!

    13. Way to go Hannah…I am so thankful that God brought you into our lives. The old saying is “BE the change that you want to see in the world” and that is what you are doing…being a light shining in a dark place! If God puts something in your heart…he will always equip you to do it. Keep shining gurl…Keep shining!!!

    14. My school has a – I guess you could call it – a group therapy for girls in high school. It’s sponsored by the county’s mental health program. While that’s great, I wish that there was a group at school for Christian girls and guys to talk, pray, have fun, and just be comfortable around each other. I know that is what youth groups are for, but sometimes people (I’m an example) aren’t able to attened because of transportation issues. Having something like that at school would be great.

    15. Wow, this is such an inspiring story! I think we have FCA at my school, but I’m not sure. I want to make a change in my school, but I’m not sure if it really needs it because a lot of people are Christians, but then again a lot of the Christians do things I know God wouldn’t approve of. Thanks Hannah for showing your amazing story!

    16. We have FCA and other Christian clubs at my high school too! I started a middle school one with a friend also and the board will most likely approve it because of free speech and what not. It’s totally amazing that you did this and don’t get down if people ridicule you. They are just jealous of your circle of great friends and your ability to stand up for God. I think it’s great you did this, keep it up!!

    17. This article came to me at the exact right time in my middle school years! As soon as I finished reading this, I knew that God had answered my prayers!

      I was elected president of my school student council this upcoming school year. When it was announced in front of the whole school that I was elected president, I was shocked. When I went up to the front to shake hands with the principal, I couldn’t believe it! After the shock wore off, I realized that I have a HUGE responsibility in front of me! I prayed to God to help me to be the best president that I could be.

      When I stumbled upon this article, I knew that this was the guide to help me to lead my school into a better future. I understand completely now that in order to be a significant and selfless leader, you need to stand with God. Every step I will take as president, I know that God will be with me. This article is a blessing and I love the tips to make school a better place! I will keep all of these in mind as I try to make decisions that will benefit my school.

      To all other fellow leaders reading this, I pray that you will make decisions that ultimately serve God and the other students. Peace and happiness to you all! 🙂

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