DIY Valentine’s Day Cards!

    Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For those of you who may feel less than enthusiastic about the holiday, just remember that this day of love can be about anyone you love (your mom, your dad, your best friend, Jesus) and not just a boyfriend!

    One of the ways you can get in on the fun side of the lovey-dovey day is to craft your own Valentine’s Day cards. Do you remember giving out the boxed paper cards in elementary school, usually to everyone in your class? You can still hand out some awesome paper cards, but this time you can have fun crafting them yourself!

    Below, we’ve included three of our favorite DIY cards, plus a way for busy gals to package their store-bought cards. Let’s get crafting!





    Materials: Box, pencil, patterned paper, scissors, Mod Podge, sponge brush, hot glue gun, bone folder, stamps, ink, mini pom-poms, candy.


    1. Trace around the outside of your box onto the patterned paper. Cut out, then slip into the box, making sure it’s enough to line the bottom. Make adjustments if necessary. You’ll want to cut strips to cover the sides as well.
    2. Once you achieve the perfect fit, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of the box, then cover with your paper. Smooth over the paper with a bone folder to make sure all the edges are glued down. Repeat along the sides.
    3. While your box is drying, stamp a secret message on a separate piece of paper (should be half the size or less of the bottom lining). Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back of the paper, then position in the center of the box. Smooth over with your bone folder.
    4. For the lid, glue mini pom-poms in the shape of a heart using a hot glue gun. Instead of adding a drop to each pom-pom, squeeze a bit out on cardboard, then dip the pom-pom into the glue. This helps to keeps achieve the correct ratio of glue (and makes it so it’s non-visible!).
    5. Fill with candy. Once they eat enough, they’ll uncover your secret message!




    Source: Alyssa and Carla

    Materials: A piece of construction paper cut into a 4” x 4” square (color doesn’t matter— the one shown is green); a long strip of red paper 30” x 4” (wrapping the paper on a roll of craft paper works well); a piece of gray construction paper or cardstock, letter stamps and a stamp pad or letter stickers (or if you have amazing handwriting, just a high-quality pen or marker); decorations for the pictures (pens, markers, stickers, shape punches, stamps, etc.); glue (either a glue stick, rubber cement or white glue); scissors.


    1. Create a heart template with the 4” x 4” piece of paper. Fold it in half, like a book. Draw half of a heart onto the paper, with the fold in the center of the heart. Cut out the shape and open it up into a full heart. Trim the edges until you like the resulting heart shape.
    2. Keeping the good side of the paper on the inside, fold the long 4” x 30” piece of paper in half three times. The end result will be about 4” x 3.75”.
    3. Use the heart you created in step 1 to trace the heart shape onto the paper. You want the left and right edges of the template to hang over the edges of the paper, so the hearts will have a connecting point on either side.
    4. Cut the heart out and unfold to reveal the heart chain.
    5. Modify the template heart by cutting a half inch around the edge, creating a slightly smaller version of the same heart.
    6. Trace this smaller heart onto the thicker piece of paper eight times. Cut out each heart.
    7. Use the letter stamps or stickers to write “I love you more than…” on one cut-out heart. Glue it to the first heart in the chain. Write “Happy Valentine’s Day” on another cut-out heart and glue it onto the last heart in the chain.
    8. Choose three things that you want to list to illustrate just how much you love your Valentine. Make it personal! Use stickers, cut out shapes or draw images that correspond to each of your items on three of the cut-out hearts. Use the letter stamps or stickers to write each item that you chose on the remaining three cut-out hearts.
    9. Glue each of the cut-out hearts onto the middle hearts in the chain. When the glue is dry, fold the hearts up accordion-style into a little Valentine’s booklet.




    Source: Aga from Passion Shake

    Materials: Blank white paper stock card or any other thick paper folded in two, a matchbox, double-sided tape, pastel and neon masking tapes in different patterns, word print-outs in different fonts (YOU/HAVE/MY), pieces of white paper, pieces of colorful paper, flower cut-outs, pink decorative string, toothpick, black pen/paint/crayon, and scissors.


    1. Place and wrap double-sided tape around the matchbox.
    2. Cut out pieces of white paper and place them around the matchbox to make it white.
    3. Decorate the box with colorful masking tape and flower cut-outs.

    1. Place double-sided tape on the matchbox and stick it to the card.
    2. Make two holes on both sides of the box and put the string through them. Then wrap the string around the box and make a knot on the other side of the card.
    3. Decorate the edges of the card with masking tape.
    4. Using double sided-tape, seal the word cut-outs with the pieces of colorful paper and then with the card. Decorate edges of the words with yellow neon paper.

    1. Cut out three different colored hearts for a multicolor effect.

    1. Color a toothpick and some white paper using your black pen/paint/crayon.
    2. Cut out two triangles of the same size for an arrowhead. Place double-sided tape on both triangles.
    3. Place one triangle on a flat surface, then place a toothpick on top of it. Gently place the second triangle on top of the toothpick, sealing them together
    4. Repeat the same steps for the arrow ends, but now using different shape (as shown in the picture).
    5. Once they are sealed together, cut a V-shape in the bottom edge and trim it.
    6. Attach the arrow to the card using masking tape.



    Don’t have time to make your own Valentine’s Day cards this year? No sweat. Find a box of cards that you love, sign them for your friends and family, then whip up an adorable baggie and put your card and candy inside (plus glitter, if you like). This way, you’ll still have a little customization!


    1. Buy little drawstring bags at a crafts store.
    2. Buy a heart-shaped sponge, or cut a sponge into any shape you like.
    3. Dip your sponge into red paint and stamp onto the bag.
    4. When it dries, fill the bag with candy and your card!

    Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.47.27 PM


    PI Girls, are you going to make any Valentine’s Day cards this year? Share your own ideas in the comments below!

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    1. I wish I woulda seen these earlier! they’re so cute, I like the interactive one. I have a bible study tonight that’s doing a gift exchange like we did in elementary school so I spent all day in between calls at work trying to make my own cards for everyone XD These woulda been awesome!

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