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Makeup Trends and Favorite Products for the Season!

This week, I thought that sharing some trends would be fun for those of you who are looking for fall fashion or makeup inspiration for the Thanksgiving season.

I am loving the dark lips and cranberry eye shadows that are in. The pumpkin spice palettes and nude matte lips are all the rage right now in the beauty world. Let’s take a look at a couple of fall makeup tutorials.



[Image: YouTube vlogger Brianna Fox]


Side note for you, PI Girls: You are beautiful without makeup and your inner beauty is what really matters most. It is okay to have fun with beauty, style and fashion and not let it define you! We can be leaders and modest examples, but also we can be creative and relevant as well as believers, don’t you agree?



Here is a YouTube tutorial for fall looks this season: Cranberry Fall Trend with Amanda Ensing.


Next, let’s look at video blogger Madison Kate and her favorite fall products, lotions and scents for this season!


PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite fall product or fragrance? Comment below!

Image: YouTube vlogger Brianna Fox


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