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Me Without Makeup


My name is Maritza and im 18 years old. I have a lot of insecurities, and living in a world where things are based on appearances, I have always looked at myself as ugly, fat, just very negative which has made me have a very low self esteem. I used to wear makeup everyday and everywhere I went, even if I went to work out, the corner store, I mean EVERYWHERE. But recently I realized that I am beautiful in my own way and that it doesn’t matter what others think ’cause God made me beautiful! I realized that its inner beauty that counts and that inner beauty reflects and makes me even prettier. Now I have been taking baby steps and not wearing makeup everyday and I feel way more secure about myself. I hear the song Beautiful by MercyMe for encouragement.

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Image: Courtesy of Maritza


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  1. Posted by on November 25, 2011 at 22:25

    Hey Maritza, I saw your comment on “Me Without Makeup” ….pbviously, here I am haha! I just wanted to say that I feel/have felt the same way for a LONG time.. last year I got really depressed and just stopped caring and didn’t even try doing my hair or makeup and just wore hoodies all the time.. I started feeling especially bad about myself after that period and then went all extra crazy never leaving the house without makeup or my hair done, all that stuff. I’m just now starting to not rely so much on makeup and clothes and a straightner and trusting that God made me beautiful as I am and not listenting to that nagging voice inside my head to be perfect. And also accepting that there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to take care of something God gave me!

    Anyways I really liked your story because I felt that we kind could relate to each other, and I wanted to say that you are really beautiful without makeup! 🙂

    Stay strong girl; God loves us.

  2. Posted by on November 14, 2011 at 15:45

    I love your hair! I love the color, and it looks so smooth/perfect! 🙂 Beautiful picture!