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    12 Summer Hair Trends and Accessories

    This summer, there are so many new trends, and some older looks coming back. There are accessories like the 1980s scrunchies and hair barrettes that are in season, and also blunt short hair. Silver hair is all the rage, as well as golden long hair with darker roots; natural waves and curls; and blunt bobs with bangs. Whatever your personal style is, you can add some color with a cute bandana or hair scarf, or mix up your look by doing loose braids. Check out these 12 hair trends and accessories for summer!


    1. Natural Waves and Roots: This trend is similar to the balayage look with the dark and light painted highlights and a more natural look. This is definitely a more conservative hair choice this season compared to some of the other trends. @ohHelloHair




    2. Silver Hair: Different hair shades like green and blue have been popular thanks to pop culture and music. Silver hair has made its way back onto the scene; we saw it for a season along with the super purple shampoo trends in the hair world (you know what I’m talking about). Would you take this risk and dye your hair not gray, but silver? I think I’ll stick with my golden hair, but it looks cool on some people who can pull it off. I love worship leader Katie Torwalt’s style and color. @KatieTorwaltstyle


    3. Barrettes/Hair Clips: I use bobby pins, but haven’t used kid-like barrettes in my hair since kindergarten. What about you? What are your thoughts about hair barrettes? I’m okay with hair clips with jewels on them, but not so sure about baby hair barrettes.


    4. Headbands: Elastic colorful hair bands are in, inspired by the 1970s vintage look. I definitely like this inspirational hairdo because I’m a vintage-loving girl by nature. I love people’s looks like Brigitte Bardot and Priscilla Presley. These are not the plastic headbands but the soft ones around your whole scalp. They are very affordable and very retro!


    5. Hair Scarves: These also tend to be very vintage, as many movie stars wore these scarves around their head. Do you like this look? Comment below! Check out PI’s very own writer Kytia Lamour, who is so fashionable and modest.

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    6. Blunt Short Hair: Cutting inches off the hair is just as popular as people cutting inches off the waist this season! Yes, surprisingly enough, people want to go shorter. It is super cute and clean.



    7. Bangs with Waves: Bangs are so cute on people and add to personal style. The “blunt shag” look is super popular.


    8. Natural Curls: Wear your natural curls or waves long or short. Curls are being embraced this season, while straight hair really isn’t making the cut this summer. @OhhelloHair


    9. Loose, Beachy Braids: Amber Fillerup on Instagram is the queen of braids and hair extensions. I think that braids are very cute and appropriate for the summer season where everything feels more casual and loose.


    10. Hair Scrunchies: The 198os hair scrunchies are back! Would you wear them, PI Girls?


    11. Bobs With Fringe Cuts: This edgier style is like an uneven cut with bangs. Would you wear this rocker look? This is more of an uneven look versus a straight cut.


    12. Deep Side Part: This vintage look from the 1950s old Hollywood era can be dressed up or dressed down. The middle part tends to always be popular, but this dramatic side part is more in style this season.


    PI Girls, what are YOUR favorite looks? Comment below on the #1 hair style or accessory you would wear or use this summer!

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