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How to Welcome Those from Different Cultures


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I have always loved how small moments can have such a big impact on people’s worldview.

The other day while I was out in Beverly Hills and doing my various errands and shopping, it really struck me what a melting pot Los Angeles is, and I love it for that reason. One thing I always try to do is to find common ground and be warm and welcoming to the many people I meet and come across who are different from me.

For instance, today while I was getting my nails done, a Muslim woman came in with full hijab; her whole body was covered and she had a hair scarf over her hair to cover it. She came in and I smiled at her and said hi. We got to talking, and we were laughing about how my nails looked really long after they first put acrylics on. She was getting her eyebrows done, and was wearing pretty makeup. As she was leaving, I told her “God bless you.” And she smiled really big and said the same.

It was so nice to find common ground with her despite our very different cultures and upbringings. I’m so glad I talked to her. I see many Muslim women in Beverly Hills; some come here for vacation because it’s really hot in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

When you come across someone who looks different from you, realize that they have a backstory and a different culture and that God loves them, too. Never compromise your faith in Jesus; rather let it be evident through your actions, manner and ways in which you interact with others and who God puts in your path. You never know what is a divine appointment!

Do you try to be friendly with people who are different from you?

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  1. realmisslq

    Posted by realmisslq on September 21, 2018 at 21:14

    Beautiful message! 💗 Over the past few years, I’ve learned what it truly means to love people unconditionally. In this world, there are people of different faiths, different cultures, different sexual orientations, different gender identities, different point of views on life & God, etc. We don’t have to “agree” with everything a person does in/with their life, but that shouldn’t stop us from genuinely loving them or seeing the good in them. 💜 Sometimes, we Christians get so caught up in the sin we see in other people’s lives, that we end up dehumanizing people in the process. 😟 We even have the audacity to forget our own in those moments, and become the biggest hypocrites. 😔 Most of the time, the best way we can show the love of Jesus to other people is LITERALLY by loving them like Jesus does. 💯 It may be impossible to love anyone as much as He loves them, but if we don’t show others that WE love them, why would they ever believe HE loves them?? Something to think about. 😉

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by smileyface21 on September 21, 2018 at 16:12

    Yes all the time. I love learning about people from different cultures. I learn about different cultures by trying foods and listening to their music. I’m mostly drawn to the food, music and fashions of different cultures. I’ve been studying Jewish culture for a year now. It helps me know the Bible a whole lot more. It’s interesting.