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Media: Hillsong United Announces Their Next Album Release “PEOPLE” Coming April 2019

Hillsong United, the christian worship band from Australia and the Hillsong Global church, has announced officially the release of their next album entitled, “PEOPLE.” The album is set to be released April 26, 2019. 


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Standing next to me #AnotherInTheFire

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The idea and purpose behind the album is, that “Where people are united, God commands a blessing, and that’s what UNITED, and in particular this project, is purposed to do… To bring people together from all walks of life and different circumstances – giving everyone a song to sing.”

Their latest single, released on March 15, 2019 is called, “Another in the Fire,” which you can download here and also pre-order the album as well. Click the link here: https://untd.me/anotherinthefire 

Listen to the Song “Another in the Fire” below: 

Some of the other tracks on the album are: “As You Find Me,” “Good Grace,” and “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now).’ “Debuting in December 2018, ‘Good Grace’ set the record as UNITED’s highest streaming street week career single, which ‘Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)’ subsequently broke by an increase of 12% upon its release in January 2019. Their latest song ‘As You Find Me’ has already garnered 8.2+ million global streams/YouTube views to date, while ‘Whole Heart’ and ‘Good Grace’ have amassed over 31.8+ million global streams (including YouTube views) collectively.” 

[Source: Hillsong Church ] 

Here is the official album track list: 

Official track listing for “PEOPLE”

1. Ready or Not

2. Here’s to the One

3. Might Sound Wild

4. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)

5. As You Find Me

6. Clean

7. Starts and Ends

8. Highlands

9. Holy Ground

10. Another in the Fire

11. Good Grace

12. Echoes (Till We See the Other Side)

PI girls, will you pre-order the album? I love Hillsong United! They are one of my favorite bands! What is your favorite release so far? Comment below!! 

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