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Me Without Makeup


I don’t wear makeup a lot, but when I do I’ve noticed that it actually takes away some of my confidence in how I look… funny how that works…I love to paint and draw, and I also love to make jewelry and write songs. My favorite things about how I look are my eyes, my hair and my lips. Sometimes I don’t feel very pretty, but we’re all gorgeous to God. Don’t EVER think that you have to be perfect or have to clean up before you come to God. He will take you just as you are. Changing you is His job. Don’t try to be better all at once. It’s a step-by-step process, with God holding your hand the whole time. I’m so glad I found this website. It really helps to know that I have so many sisters in Christ. I love y’all, sistas!

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Image: Courtesy of Megan


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by HowHeLoves on May 17, 2012 at 10:15

    Cute pic! I Love your eyes!