More Than Just a Ring, By PI Girl Rachel

    I remember when I was just 13 years old, eager to jump into teenage-hood—excited about receiving new privileges that my two younger sisters hadn’t yet been able to participate in.

    Along with all these new factors of “growing up,” I also recall that day I wandered around my church’s bookstore, fingering Christian novels and CDs. A display of shining rings caught my eye, and when I got a closer look, I realized they were purity rings. There were several sizes, all with various designs. On some, “Purity” was engraved. On others, “Love Waits” shone on the ring.

    I was ecstatic to see these rings. Growing up in a Christian home, my parents had always emphasized how important purity was. When I ran to get my mom and to show her the rings, she agreed with just as much excitement that it would be okay for me to purchase one.

    The smallest size they had was a little too big for my ring finger, but I didn’t let that become an obstacle. For weeks I wore that ring, always admiring how nice it looked on my left hand.

    It was several months later that I gradually forgot about the ring. I don’t remember why I stopped wearing it, exactly—maybe because I was afraid of losing it or breaking it or something worse. Eventually I did lose it.

    The worst part about this situation is that I didn’t even know where it was, and I didn’t really bother to look for it. When I did find it a few months later tucked somewhere in one of my million purses, I finally realized that I had made a terrible mistake.

    The significance of this story is not about how I lost the ring and how finding it again taught me a lesson to always wear the ring; it was about how I had misled myself into thinking that wearing a purity ring simply meant “No sex before marriage.”

    At first I had thought, “Oh okay, that will be a piece of cake!”

    Maybe I thought waiting to have sex after marriage was a piece of cake (for me, anyway), but staying pure isn’t just limited to sex.

    Purity is also what lies in our hearts; it’s what we allow into our minds and into our hearts. Lust, impure thoughts, and wanting something in the wrong way are all forms of impurity. By wearing a purity ring, I was supposed to imply that I had vowed to keep myself pure both inside and out. I was reminding myself (and others!) that I was striving to be a Godly Christian girl, not only in circumstances concerning sex, but also concerning all that activity going on in your heart.

    My question for you and continually for myself would be: If you’re wearing a purity ring, is your lifestyle displaying purity inwardly and outwardly? Is that piece of jewelry that adorns your left ring finger just a piece of jewelry, or does it represent something more?

    Written by PI Girl Rachel

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    1. Wow amazing!! I have a purity ring and i have to admit sometimes its just a peace of jewelry but when i look down at it it reminds me of what i have promised to do.. To stay pure with my body and my heart and thoughts….. Its the best way to remember yourself to stay pure…

    2. Wow! I wear a purity ring too and I also would have to admit that I have thought of it before as “a piece of jewelry adorning my left ring finger,” but I can aslo look down and see my covenant with God at the same time.

    3. I think I’m going to be getting a ‘purity’ ring soon. My mom said that she wanted me to know that the ring wasn’t just a reminder of ‘no sex before marriage’ but also that it’s a reminder that God has a plan for me, and even when times are tough, I can look at the ring and think of how much my Heavenly and earthly fathers love me. Thanks so much!

    4. This was beautifully written. It’s true that purity is more than not doing something its whats in the heart. Like Jesus said if anyone has even lusted they have committed adultery in their heart. It’s important to know that staying pure both inside and out is a struggle for a lot of people and something a lot of people fall short of. But the awesome thing is that once someone has accepted Jesus as their savior and asked for forgiveness, its like he becomes the best purity ring, by making them completely pure again in God’s sight.

    5. Wow this really made me stop and think….. I had never thought about it that way…. Your right Rachel purity us also about staying pure with our thoughts and actions…. I’m 14 now and I really want a Purity ring now!! To show that I have a promise with God to honor him!!! xoxo

    6. One of my favorite things I’ve ever heard about purity rings, and I don’t even remember where I heard this, but it goes something like this, “My purity ring nor only signifies that I strive to keep my heart, mind, and body pure always (remember, you don’t lose your PURITY when you get married gals, because it IS pure inside of marriage) it also signifies my marriage covenant to God. We are His bride, His beloved! I am married to God long before I will ever be married to a man, of that is God’s plan for me.”

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