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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    Must Watch: Lauren Daigle’s Heart for Powerful and Moving Prison Ministry Performances

    Christian singer Lauren Daigle is known for her hit music, including songs like “You Say” and “How Can It Be” both inside the Christian world and in the secular world. 

    Over the past few years, the twenty-eight-year-old has become known for something else — her heart for prison ministry. 

    Daigle, who is currently on a world tour, visited Angola State Prison, Ohio Reformatory for Women, and Statesville Correctional Facility over the past couple of years. Each visit came with powerful performances, as Daigle brought the Word of God to those incarcerated. 

    Check out the moving performances below! 

    1. Angola State Prison 

    In December 2019, Daigle visited the Louisiana State Penitentiary, which is commonly known as the “Alcatraz of the South.” The singer went to minister to inmates there, and lead a worship session as well. 

    “We’re heading to Angola Prison in Louisiana next week and I want to invite you all to gift the prisoners with calls and clothes,” Daigle announced on Facebook. “These are luxuries to inmates and not every person can afford to call home for the holidays, connect with their families and hear the voice of a loved one.”

    “There is also a need for loungewear for the women,” she added. “Help comfort them this season and let them know there are people who care and have not forgotten them.”

    Daigle and her fans raised over $17,000 for the inmates. 

    During her performance Daigle ministered to the crowd, saying: 

    “In the middle of the pain, in the middle of your problems, in the middle of you being the worst of who you are, He comes and He sits next to you in the process. He doesn’t point the finger, He doesn’t give you shame, He sits with you. I think that’s why He’s called the Savior of the world.”

    “He’s not the fixer of the world,” she added, “He’s called the savior because He comes to save us and to set us free and rescue us from the things that would have us caught and ensnared and left in bondage he sets every captive heart free.”

    2. Ohio Reformatory for Women

    In August 2019, Daigle visited the Ohio Reformatory for Women, where she performed for the inmates there.

    Not only did the artist perform, but she left the inmates with an encouraging word. 

    “The one thing that we can always do is look up,” Daigle said. “You can look up and see the sky. You can look up and see the kindness of God, and His extravagant love for each one of you.”

    “And I know sometimes that can be hard to wrap your mind around, but let me tell you something, He doesn’t see you by your faults, or maybe the things that you’ve done or the things that have trapped you and ensnared you,” the award-winning artist added. “But He sees you as children, as His own, beloved from the Most High King. That’s who you are.”

    3. Statesville Correctional Prison

    In October 2019, Daigle and her crew visited the Statesville Correctional Prison in Crest Hill, Illinois. 

    Daigle talked about the experience in a Facebook video following the performance. 

    “It was a day my eyes had never seen and will never be able to unsee,” she said. “We sang songs with inmates whose voices carried deeper into our hearts than the echo of a microphone will ever release. I saw hope in the face of the hopeless, joy in the wake of sorrow, wealth in the gap of depravity, and life in the midst of death.”

    “These people have stories, and they have souls,” Daigle continued. “I watched heaven befriend those who are often forgotten. With each day that passes, may I never take for granted what it was like to walk around as a free man. I held a bottle of cold coffee upon pulling out of the Statesville Correctional Prison. My hand had never remembered that bottle being so cold.”

    You can watch more from Daigle’s visit here.

    How encouraging are these performances? What is your favorite Lauren Daigle song? 

    Lindsay Elizabeth
    Lindsay Elizabethhttp://lindsayfuce.com
    Lindsay is an East Coast native who is passionate about writing, digital marketing, and all things wellness. You can find her on Instagram @wellnesswithlinds or @thefrecklestudio.

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