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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    My Christmas Shopping List!

    Hi Girls!

    I’m so excited about my new Project Inspired store. We partnered with C28 because I feel that they have the coolest stuff for you and for your family.

    I’ve even gone in and selected some of my favorite Christmas gifts.

    Mom gets a beautiful cross necklace.

    Dad gets a wonderful new Bible.

    Brother gets a NOTW cap.

    Sister gets this awesome t-shirt.

    Bestie gets this cozy hoodie.

    Who is on your list, and what do you want to get them?

    Click into C28.com/projectinspired and pick your favorites, then link to them in the comments below. In your comment, write about who you’re shopping for, and why.

    I’m going to pick three of my favorite comments and send you a C28 gift card so you can buy your gifts!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. My sister gets these pajamas because she really needs some new ones and they’re really cute 🙂 http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=254462
      My dad gets a book because he likes to read (but he only reads Christian stuff) and I’ve heard this is a great book http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=101012
      My brother gets this shirt even though my mom says he doesnt need anymore t-shirts 😉 http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=227670
      my best friend gets this because she’s been wanting it for a long time and she can’t buy it for herself and her parents wont http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=227703
      And I don’t really know what to buy for my mom haha. Probably some clothes, altho I might just let her pick it out herself

    2. My best friend is who I am shopping for! I really want to get her this shirt http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=14855. When I saw this shirt, I immediately thought of her! She LOVES anything that has to do with Paris or the Eiffel Tower! She has been going through a tough time lately with her family and other friends and I’ve been trying to help her get to know Christ. This shirt would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for her! 🙂

    3. I’d really like to get this for my little sister, we often don’t see eye to eye, and I can get really agrivated with her. I know I need to work on my temper, and I always feel bad after we fight, knowing I’m supposed to be her example. She is a lot more patient than me, and helps me A LOT!! She, being a middle child, is often kinda ignored, but I know she has great faith. She could move mountains if she was given the chance, and I want her to know that.


    4. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=216980
      My older brother: A tee shirt saying “Listen to the voice of our Lord” because my brother loves music AND God. He is my role model and knows that even in high school, Jesus is cool.

      My Dad: Dog tag with Romans 8:38,39 because he is in the military and God can be with him wherever he is. He never fails to take us to church, and shares the word of God with people all over the world on his military travels.

      my older sister:Bracelet with corinthians 13:4 so she will carry a little of God’s love whereever she is! She wants to travel the world, but never fails to return to church every Sunday.

    5. FOR MY BFF>http://www.c28.com/shopping/productviews.asp?ProductID=254402&MainImageView=0
      FOR MY SISTER:a new bible..because she needs it>http://www.c28.com/shopping/productviews.asp?ProductID=157961&MainImageView=0
      FOR MI MADRE: she needs a new coat..she loves winter and she would absolutely love this>http://www.c28.com/shopping/productviews.asp?ProductID=253305&MainImageView=0
      FOR MI PADRE: he needs a new jacket also and him and my mommy can match >http://www.c28.com/shopping/productviews.asp?ProductID=254395&MainImageView=0
      FOR MY BRO: because boys need all the strength becaue of girls that wan to us them for evil…so brother keeps a strong head > http://www.c28.com/shopping/productviews.asp?ProductID=251612&MainImageView=0

    6. For my:
      Mum: A victorian Butterfly Broach to remind her that the beautiful things in life come from ugly things.
      Dad: The Weird Al Yankovitch Apocalyps Tour on Blu Ray to remind him that I love him very much, and that I do pay attention to what he says
      Sister: I got her Peter Pan in Kenit Gardens, In neverland, and wendy. SO all three peter pan books combined into one to remind her that magic is wonderful, but we all have to grow up some time
      Brother: I got him Robin Hood to remind him that we need to give to those in need, like Jesus did, even if it means we sacrifice our selves.

      I love christmas!

    7. I would get my younger siblings and dad some t-shirts. My bestie a purity ring and my mom would get a pair of pajamas.

      Thanks for sharing Nicole! They have some REALLY great products! I’d love to buy a purity ring from them! 🙂

    8. My little sister gets the Love Stack hoodie because she needs a new and I know she would love it! http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=228177 My brother Andy would get this t-shirt because he loves t-shirts and I know he would love this one. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=220214 For my other older brother Ben I would get this t-shirt because it really reminds me of him and he also loves t-shirts http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=254695. For my mom I would get this devotional because I think she would like it. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=206536 My dad would get this new Bible because his old one is very used http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=154466. For my little brother I would get this http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=238310. That was a lot of fun to do!! 🙂

    9. This book for my dad, since he had a stroke over the summer. I think it would be good for him to help parent my sister and I and strengthen his faith for getting better. 🙂

      This purity ring for my sister, because she’s getting older and starting to date, so this birthstone purity ring will remind her to stay connected with God.:)

      This bracelet for my mom, so she always has a reminder that God is with her in everything she does. 🙂

    10. This is such a great list! I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, so I will definitely be checking this store out! This is part of my ideal list of things to get people (in reality it’s much longer, I have 7 siblings and a large group of friends and other relatives for whom I buy presents!)

      Best friend: My best friend gave me a beautiful charm bracelet for Christmas last year, that matched hers, so I would get her this, to go on her bracelet! 🙂 ttp://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=209092

      Mommy: My mom loves to read! I was a huge fan of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia as a child, and she was the one who introduced them to me! I think she’d love this, as we have both been interested in reading it for a while now! 🙂 http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=22791

      Twin brother: My twin brother recently lost his Celtic cross necklace, and he has been looking for one since then! This would be an awesome present for him! 🙂 http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=219256

      Dad: My dad and mom have sacrificed so much to send my siblings and I to a Catholic school. My school was founded by Augustinian priests, so I think this would be a fitting present http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=23845

      Younger sister: This is such a beautiful necklace! http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=240355

      Nana: My Nana also loves to read, and she is always recommending books to me! I think she’d love this one: http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=75421

      Auntie: I was confirmed this year, and my aunt was my sponsor. I chose the name Theresa, after St. Therese of Lisieux, and Mother Theresa, so I think this would be a great present! http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=207650
      Thank you so much for showing me this! I have so many ideas now!

    11. I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t gotten my paycheck, so looking for gifts without money for me can be bad! (I tend to overspend sometimes, so I have to budget!) I’m thinking books for everyone, that’s what our family loves! Or maybe I will send my family away for a day and make them Christmas treats 🙂 And I’m making my friends those fleece tie blankets or pillows 🙂

    12. For one of my friends, this hoodie, because she’s amazing and she’s such a great friend:) http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=228177

      For another friend, because we haven’t really talked in a long time, and I really want to get her something, and hopefully fix our friendship, this top:

      And for another friend who’s always got my back, this Jesus loves Haters t-shirt, because I think it fits her well♥

      For my brother & sister, a Lecrae cd, because as much as they get on my nerves, especially my brother hahaha, I love them:)

      && for my wonderful cousin, this adorable shirt:D


      That’s all, and thanks for doing this. I’m sure you probably won’t choose mine because other girls probably have better reasons why they’re getting their gifts, but thanks on behalf of all of us Nicole:) And thank you for everything you do:)

    13. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=255574

      I love this one for my mom. My parents are about to be getting a divorce. My dad and brother left and they are staying in a motel in another city. It’s been really rough on my mom. She has always been the type to try to solve everything on her own. She is ALWAYS stressed. I would love to get her this shirt to really – Relax- and let Jesus handle it. I think she would really love this.


      i love this one for my dad.

      He has unfortunately started drinking again. Him and my mom quit for almost two years, but once my mom left, he went back to drinking. I know his bible is several years old. The giant print is also perfect because he has bad vision! I think he would really sit down and read this.


      Finally, I would love this one for my brother.
      He is stuck in the middle of the whole situation! Between my mom and dad arguing and stayin with my dad in the motel, he definitely does not have peace. He is trying to save up money to move to Oklahoma with my other brother. I really think he would appreciate this hoodie. I also think it would make him really think.


    14. I’m shopping for my mom because she has been feeling really down and sick and I know this Awesome mom sweatshirt will make her smile(http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=255854)
      Also for my sis who just started college and is having trouble she loves getting new clothes and this one will remind her that God loves her and is always there. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=236404

      My little bro would get this T (http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=230701) he wants to make a difference in school and I think this would be a good start for him.
      My dad gets this awesome dad hoodie cause he really is an awesome dad teaching me and helping me grow in God. http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=255852

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