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Naomi Scott, Jasmine of the new ‘Aladdin’ Film, Shares About her Christian Faith

If you were hoping to go see the new live-action Disney adaptation of the popular film, “Aladdin”, chances are you are going to want to see it all the more now! Naomi Scott, who portrays Jasmine in the film, shared in a blog post recently that her Christian faith is a huge part of all that she does in the entertainment industry.

“My husband and I were actually talking about this yesterday. Sometimes we get asked the question, ‘How do you juggle your faith and what you do?’ But for me, I don’t know how I would do life without my faith. That peace that you know you’re loved and valued is something that keeps me incredibly grounded, incredibly focused. Quite honestly, I don’t see it as this separate thing, this add on thing. My faith is just a part of who I am and what I do.”

Scott went on to share, “Life is incredibly exciting at the moment, there’s a lot going on. We just think wow. God’s grace. But no matter what happens, no matter what somebody says about me on Twitter, whatever the future holds, to know that that doesn’t define me is incredible. To know that doesn’t inform my identity in any way shape or form (although it’s easier said than done sometimes). That’s going to be the thing keeping me going. Keeping the main thing, the main thing throughout.”

Sharing about her faith is nothing new for 26-year-old Scott, whose parents are the pastors of The Bridge Church, Woodford in Redbridge, United Kingdom. Scott took to Twitter back in 2017 to share her thoughts on the plight faced by the persecuted church worldwide. She shared, “So many Christians being targeted in Egypt and other areas. Praying for all my brothers and sisters around the world who face persecution”.

Scott’s heart for others was seen, as well, in her recent trip with Compassion International and involvement in their Child Survival Projects which work to bring physical and medical aid to vulnerable mothers.

If you do head to the box office this week to see “Aladdin”, not only will you likely enjoy the movie, but you will also enjoy the realization that you are watching a fellow sister-in-Christ in action!

Image: Instagram | @naomigscott


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