New Diet Pepsi Ad Is Shockingly Fake!

    There’s a new advertisement for a new Diet Pepsi product called “The New Skinny Can,” and its message is incredibly damaging to consumers. I took notice of this after watching Jay Leno where Sophia Vergara was the guest on the show. (For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s an actress on the ABC show Modern Family). Anyway, she’s a very beautiful and curvy woman-and is also the spokesperson for this new drink. This advertisement is one of the most Photoshopped pictures I’ve seen in a while. Her face looks like a mannequin and her arm is non-existent.

    Does Pepsi really think this looks realistic and attractive? I researched it online after seeing this, and sure enough many people have reacted this way as well. In response, she reportedly said that they “Didn’t Photoshop her arm to make it look thinner, that it was just the angle.” Pepsi and Sophia are completely irresponsible for promoting this to consumers, and they’re not fooling anybody.

    What do you think of the ad?

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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Is this for diet pepsi? Or it’s regular pepsi in a smaller can? Does Pepsi really think women are dumb enough to think that a sugary drink in a skinny can will somehow magically make the calories in the can skinnier? Glad they probably spent like millions of dollars on a lame campaign.

    2. its true that the ad looks fake, but my perspective is that they weren’t trying to make it look natural? they TRIED to make it look as fake as it does.

      but them putting in the effort also means they think it will sell this way. it’s sad how twisted our world is sometimes….

    3. I have something else to tell you that will make you even more upset. The Pepsi company actually changed their pledge. Their pledge is the Pledge to the USA flag, like the red, white and blue they show on the can. They actually took out “One nation, under God”!!! They did this in fear of hurting the muslim’s feelings. This probably had something to do with Obama since he is a muslim. Obama also cancelled “National Prayer Day” in fear of also hurting the muslim’s feelings. What about our feelings….the Christian’s feelings??? Our country WAS founded on Christianity….NOT muslim! So, why are they slowly taking away all of our rights for the muslims?

      • Wait who took out the words “One nation under God?” Diet Pepsi? But where was that displayed in their ads before? I’m a little confused. Also- I know I think it’s absolutely terrible what Obama is doing concerning faith, it’s wrong. And you’re 100% right, all of our founding fathers wrote the constitution, the Declaration of Independence and founded our country and gave us the freedoms we have because they knew that they were God-Given rights! Obama is making a mess out of it. and I don’t support him.

    4. @Jessica and Nicole: actually, Dr. Pepper was the company that did the pledge thing, and they only printed three words: “One Nation… Indivisible.” However, since the ellipses fall where ‘under God’ is written, they were accused of omitting those words. They quickly got rid of the new cans, but the chain emails had begun. Somewhere along the line, ‘Dr. Pepper’ morphed into ‘Pepsi’ (although the two companies are entirely separate), and later ‘Coke.’ Read the whole article here:

    5. Hey Nicole! I recived an email about the Pepsi Pledge (took out “Under God”)about a year ago. I looked it up on the internet…and it was a hoax! 🙁 Some company is trying to get pepsi out of business or something. Sorry for the misinformation! It’s hard to tell what’s true and false anymore on the internet. I still wish Obama was out of office. If only they could impeach him before it gets any worse. Here is a real video of him making fun of the Bible! This is real…it’s him on there. He takes everything out of context and makes fun of it. 🙁

    6. honestly, i think that is just incredibly stupid (the pic not the article) if you are influenced by this ad to go buy the new skinny can pepsi, you could probably be influenced to do drugs or smoke. I prefer sodas in glass bottles because they taste better that way and you can wash them and save them and use them for a flower vsse or something. sadly, most soda doesnt come in glass bottles anymore in the us but it does in africa and mexico (usually its made in mexico) and other foreign countries

    7. I thought it was drawing when I first saw it.
      It does look extremely fake, but I will say that my arms and shoulders are about that size, granted, I’m double jointed, so my shoulders can look a little out of joint like her’s do. Her face just looks very airbrushed.
      It’s kind of sad that someone would want to look like that and think that’s attractive. This is the kind of thing that makes girls think they have to be skinny and have perfect skin to be attractive and accepted.

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