New Movie Seeks to Change Your Mind about Homosexuality [VIDEO]

    We’ve talked about homosexuality quite a bit in the past few weeks, mainly because it’s been all over the news and all over our social media feeds. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that many of your friends have put a rainbow-colored filter over their profile picture in support of the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

    While this decision has seen an overwhelming amount of support, it also caused a great deal of internal conflict in the lives of many Christians who feel that homosexuality is a sin. As we’ve mentioned before, this is not an easy topic to discuss. However, we feel that it’s important to keep the dialogue going so that we can all work together in peace and love, as children of God.

    Today, we came across a trailer for a film called “Audacity”, which gives an interesting look into the controversial topic of homosexuality.” Check it out and let us know what you think about some of the comments made in the film.

    *Disclaimer* This trailer features mildly violent scenes that may not be appropriate for those under 18 years of age. 


    AUDACITY – Official Trailer (2015) HD – Ray Comfort from thewayofthemaster on GodTube.

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    1. Scoity has changed a lot unfortunately, We “ve seen the tdevelopment of hostile to Christnary + towards Trafitonal marriage one man + one woman”. Been redefined bout a week ago. It’s like how u dare believe in Marriage between one man & one woman”‘ Threw God & the bible out of western cealture “‘ Most of it. Provision has arrived Rom 1:26-28. Rom one era. Homesexculty been accepted as a norm now”. Being straight not ok with Scoicty”‘ today you re evil, ingronet ‘ or a biggot. U can no longer preach against homesexculty without going to jail or lawsuit thrown at you. Gonna happen more than ever before.

    2. I’m confused, are you saying you support gay “marriage”? God is very clear in the bible that marriage is specific to a man and woman. Rather people are born attracted to each other is up to debate, and science has actually proven that people aren’t born attracted to the same gender, but it has been shown that how people are raised can effect them. Many people who have tendencies toward the same gender have been shown to have had an absent parent of the same gender, showing that because maybe since a man diddn’t have a father, they were never truly able to feel masculine, so they didn’t feel worthy of a woman, or a woman with an absent mother may have trouble feeling feminine. The bottom line is, no matter how they came to be attracted to the same gender, they should be loved, but they should not be encouraged to engage in their attractions to the same gender, that would be like telling a man it’s acceptable to engage in lust with a woman and objectify her body in whatever way he chooses (which is obviously not true). Actions of homosexuality are sinful, that doesn’t mean I don’t love people who identify themselves as gay, it means I’m not going to encourage or support their choosing to remain in a sinful lifestyle. I wish they would develop a steadfast faith in God and learn to overcome their wounds from their past and their tendencies, and not be defined by them.

      • Chelsea, there are NUMEROUS studies that show how homosexuality is genetic not based on the fact that the mother is gay necessarily, but by randomness. Babies who are born gay receive too much testosterone (for women) or too much estrogen (for men), leaving them hormonally imbalanced and attracted to the same gender. I would suggest you do some research before making BLANKET statements about gays like that

      • This movie is to teach Christians how to minister to homosexuals. It does not take the said of homosexuality rather what to do in certain situations. Like warning them before they die to save them. With love and not hate. I heard great things about this movie! Again, it does not agree with it, it’s like a scripted version of ‘street’ preaching. 🙂

    3. I think that this movie is going to bash Christianity! I am a strong believer in heterosexual marriages but I do have gay friends whom I love! I would never break down their character ever cuz I love them the same as my straight friends, but for people to make a movie about this in a way that tears into Christians, judging us, is just not cool! They are judging a book by it’s cover and it needs to stop!!! Let’s just agree to disagree ok?!?!

      • You’re right in that we should never break down someone’s character just because of their sexuality- That’s an awful thing to do. But I want to let you know that even though I’ve yet to see it (I could watch it today but it’ll be free on YouTube in August, and if I wanted it now, I’d have to buy it for $20), I know it’s not going to bash Christianity. I’m very familiar with Living Waters, and I know that they’re a Christian organization, so they’re not going to put down anyone. I watched it again, though, and I can see how it looks like it would. But in short, I can promise you that the movie won’t bash anyone- Straight, gay, Christian, non-Christian, etc. 🙂 A movie like that would suck. :/

        • Living Waters does bash Christianity. The movie about abortions completely disregarded the fact that some women get abortions due to the fact that it would be medically dangerous for them to go through with the pregnancy either for them or the baby. The movie about evolution completely ignored the possibility that God could have created evolution (because if you think about it someone had to have created it), and the idea that God’s not smart enough to have created it, which is absolutely ridiculous to me.

    4. My dad is a doctor and a Christian, so I asked him about this homosexuality issue becuse I just meet this great, talented, awesome person, and she is homosexual. She is still my friend and all, so I asked my dad and he is even confussed on how they think. I have this feeling that is going to be just like that Gods not dead movie.

    5. The film seems to allude to the idea that no one is born gay, which is simply not true. Also, I don’t know if I can trust this director based on his previous works. In Evolution vs. God, he seems to have this idea that evolution cannot exist because God created everything. However, does he not realize that A: Someone had to have created evolution, and that B: Maybe, just maybe, God was smart enough to make that happen? In his movie about abortions, he seems to completely disregard the fact that some women get abortions for health reasons to protect themselves and/or the baby

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