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New Reality Show for Jill and Jessa Duggar on Becoming Missionaries

Some of the infamous 19 Kids and Counting family members from Arkansas are continuing their reality show endeavors, except the focus is more on Jill and Jessa and their husbands, according to Relevant magazine. Jill Dillard-Duggar (24) and her husband, Derick, in particular, are preparing to be missionaries in El Salvador, and the TLC channel will be showing their journey in the process. They also have a son who is just an infant, who will also be moving with them to Central America! Go to dillardfamily.com to follow their missionary journey!


Jessa Seewald-Duggar (Jill’s sister, who is 22) is preparing for her first baby and is pregnant, so the show will be exciting for viewers to watch regarding the changes in moving homes, the faith side of Christian living (up close and personal) and more. Jessa’s husband, Ben, may be considering seminary as well and may require them to move further away from their family, according to In Touch. The Seewalds are expecting their baby in the beginning of November 2015, so tune in if you are a fan!


In more controversial news, the brother who has been in the limelight about his past, Joshua Duggar, is not involved in the program, as this is focused on the sisters and their newlywed lives. In addition, the show 19 Kids and Counting was originally cancelled due to the family issues. The young reality stars, Jessa and Jill, are also set to be part of a documentary program on child sexual abuse called Breaking the Silence that will be airing on TLC as well. Click here for more on the documentary special.

Keep praying for their family and the different attacks they have faced, as well as for healing. According to People magazine, the show is set to air at the end of 2015 into early 2016.

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PI Girls, will YOU be watching the new Duggar Christian reality show?


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  1. liz.andy00

    Posted by liz.andy00 on October 13, 2015 at 19:18

    Most definitely ill be watching! I’m glad God has made a way for the girls to rise out of their brother’s past mistakes, and is even doing a documentary on child sexual abuse. Huge supporters of these girls. Read their book “Growing up Duggar: it’s all relationships!” It helped me a lot 😃

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by DaughterOfTheKing15 on October 13, 2015 at 15:43

    I’m pretty sure that it will just be a few individual episodes as opposed to an entire TV show. I also thought Jill had already been in El Salvador for several months now. And hasn’t that documentary already aired? I feel like this article was posted a bit late. But better late than never! <3